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ProActive Management and ProActive Business Law
Start date: Oct 1, 2009,

As work becomes more dynamic and decentralized, proactive behaviour and initiatives become even more critical determinants of organizational success in Europe. Empirical studies on contracting capabilities (2006-2008) in Finland have shown that in addition to the basic knowledge of law and business, future managers need knowledge, tools and skills essential to the working life today, such as proactive approaches to contracting, dispute resolution and proactive management skills. The practical aim of the consortium is to develop Core Curricula and offer a Teaching Module (24 ECTS) on proactive management and proactive law at the master's level. Students from different fields of study (business schools, law schools, engineering) learn in an interdisciplinary group. The objective of studies is at raising the participants’ practical skills in proactive thinking which turn into their willingness and ability to take actions in order to change a situation to their advantage. Proactive behaviour involves tasks such as recognizing business challenges, applying intellectual rules to classify them, developing a cognitive strategy for dealing with them, and taking some form of action to implement the chosen strategy. The proactive approach brings a totally new and innovative aspect to the mainstream legal education and to business studies showing how law affects the firm's competitive environment and value chain. The teaching material, produced in co-operation with the leading practitioners in the field, will be tested during a training course for contract professionals in the UK. In addition to the curriculum and a pilot course, project outputs will include a Handbook containing a professional glossary (English-English, English-local language), other – partly virtual - teaching material, student and teacher mobility, workshops and articles related to the proactive approach. Dissemination of the project results will be done yearly by presentations at conferences such as the IACCM European conference.

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