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Pro-Skills 2: Train-the-trainers on basic skills
Start date: Dec 1, 2010,

More & more adults lack in personal, social & management skills which are basic conditions for successful LLL. Particularly socially disadvantaged persons take rarely part in adult education offerings. Few offers exist that give adults the opportunity to get trained in basic skills within a protected environment. Furthermore there's a lack of knowledge on the part of staff how to support these skills.Pro-Skills2 aims on the sensitisation & qualification of staff in the fields of adult education, LLL & social work. Based on the former Grundtvig project "Pro-Skills", a train-the-trainer concept will be upgraded that sensitizes & qualifies professionals in the promotion of basic skills. In order to reach a broad & lasting dissemination of the concept, Pro-Skills2 specially addresses leading staff & institutions who take responsibility for the first & advanced education of staff from the field of adult education & LLL who work with the final target group (snow-ball system). Responsible members of these institutions take part in a European course on the training concept, build up regional networks & realise train-the-trainer courses in close collaboration with the project partners. The train-the-trainer concept will be implemented both in advanced on-the-job training as well as in initial education of social workers & similar professions. A final meeting on European level allows for feedback & exchange. The Pro-Skills concept involves innovative approaches like self-regulated, productive, cooperative & experience-based learning into adult aducation.The project is expected to reach a broad & lasting implementation of the concept into the education of professionals & thus indirectly in offers of adult education. The training concept & all materials will be published on the project's website in nine languages & will be available beyond the projects duration.
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