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PRO-PER development
Start date: Aug 3, 2015, End date: Mar 2, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"PRO-PER development" was a project consisting of one youth workers mobility, the aim of which was to enhance the PERsonal as well as PROfessional competences of youth workers working with unemployed youth by providing them with a concise methodological framework which addresses the lack of motivational, entrepreneurial and wholesomely educational capacities of unemployed young people. The youth workers mobility ensured for a wholesome non-formal learning experience to take place and therefore optimally tackled the identified needs of both the partner organizations as well as the participants who chose to take part in the activities on behalf of their respective organizations. During the youth workers mobility, lasting for 7 days, the participants were given the opportunity of becoming involved in a PERsonal as well as PROfessional developmental process and were equipped with theoretical knowledge as well as methodological skills, all crucial for improving the effectiveness of their work with unemployed youngsters as well as with youngsters in NEET situation. All of them will continuously act as multipliers and ensure that the learning process which has taken place under the auspices of the project will have longterm effects on local/regional as well as national and international youth work. The youth workers mobility has taken place in an international and multicultural environment, with project partners from Portugal, Spain - Catalonia, Spain - Andalusia, France, Slovakia, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Slovenia as the hosting partner. All project partners are already either directly or indirectly, by way of their cooperation with other youth workers, working with unemployed youngsters and each partner sent 2-3 youth workers/leaders who took part in the mobility, with the Slovenian and Romanian partner having one member in each of their teams who was also in the role of co-trainer on the project. The youth workers mobility was alltogether attended by 23 participants. Activity organized under the auspices of organization Zavod Anima Vita took place in December 2015 and also resulted in web-based, booklet-based as well as video-based informational materials, the aim of which is to disseminate the project results and facilitate also benefits for secondary stakeholders, all in accordance with the EU`s strategy for improving the efficient tackling of the problem of youth unemployment.

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