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Pro Health & Nature
Start date: Aug 1, 2015, End date: Jan 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Pro Health & Nature - pHn ia a social project focused on the topic of the protection of the environment as a key pillar for a good quality of life, with the aim to stimulate the young participants' individual responsibility and their active contribution for the creation of a more healthy Europe as well as to promote an inclusive attitude towards diversity and to stimulate the intercultural dialoge and exchange. The youth exchange "Pro Health & Nature - pHn" will be held in Palermo from 3 to 10 November 2015. It will involve 25 participants (5 for each participating Country), aged between 22 and 30 years, and 5 group leaders coming from Italy, Croatia, Romania, Portugal and Poland. pHn will involve young able-bodied and disabled people, coming from different Countries and cultures and from different socio-economical contests who will cooperate in a supportive and inclusive atmosphere, implementing the following activities: - group building activities; - thematic deepening about waste, recycling, eco-sustainable behavior, nature and health through non formal activities based on learning by doing and peer education as role-playing, group discussions, case studies; - workshop for planning social awareness events, in order to stimulate the civic duty and an eco-sustainable behavior among the citizens, and their real implementation: organization of a Swap Party, video-spot shooting for social awareness and organization of a street event; - multicultural evenings; - visits to places of historical and cultural interest in the city of Palermo - open-air activities - esploration of the Erasmus+ programme and follow-up plan activities. The activities will be continous, different and not longlasting; they will be implemented thruogh non formal and informal learning methods within the peer group and based on the approach "the youth instructs the youth", the learning by doing and the work in small groups, able to assure everybody's active participation through the task division. This will be mediated by the meeting among young people with different cultural backgrounds and the interculural dialogue that will take place in an atmosphere caracterized by tollerance and solidarity, able to promote social inclusion and to disseminate the ideals of equality and peer opportunities through the creation of a cohesive group where everybody has his specific role and he actively participates to the ongoing activities. Therefore Pro Health & Nature - pHn aims to achieve the following objectives: - deepening and exploration of topics as nature, recycling, the problem of waste, the promotion of an healthy lifestyle - identification and planning of social awareness strategies to spread eco-sustainable behaviors and of the ideals of reduction, re-use, recycling and recovery - development of the sense of social resposibility in the young participants towards themselves and their entire comunity through the active citizenship - promotion of social inclusion and intercultural dialoge - breaking down of stereotypes due to cultural, physical and social differences among the participants , promoting tolerance, solidarity and reciprocal understanding among young people - promote the development of soft skills in the participants - create the basis for a social change where the citizen became the protagonist of the protection of his own environment - creation of strong and sustainable partnership The concrete results of the project will be the realization of a social awareness event on the street, the creation of a video-spot that will be shared on the web in order to stimulate the adoption of ecosustenaible conducts, the realization of an international Swap Party, the realization of a DVD as summary of the outcomes and results of the project, articles on on-line and local newspaper, multimedia and interactive presentations of the project, creation of a final brochure, an interview to the participants in web-radio streaming, photos e videos about the undertaken activities. The project will have a strong persoanl and social impact on the participants in terms of acquiring of knowledge and competences related to the topic of the project, soft skills and organizational abilities. They will have the opportunity to apply their learning outcomes in their daily life and in their local community, through the proposition of similar events and through their renewed approach to the environmental problems and attitude to tolerance and solidarity; the partner organizations will have the opportunity to cooperate, exchange best practices and to create strong partnership. The impact will be sustainable for the entire duration of the project and it will continue to produce positive effects even after its official conclusion thanks to the wide process of dissemination; furthermore the follow-up plan is to create an extended project able to put in practice the acquired competences and to expand the operating range of the project.
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