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Pro-ECVET supported initial and continuous training for teacher, trainers, counsellors and managers of Vocational Education and Training (VET) establishments.The partners were strongly involved in mobility projects (as hosting and sending institutions) and in projects developing the ECVET system. Through their experience they noticed a need for developing the knowledge, competences and skills for the VET trainers and teachers, but also for the other facilitators of transnational placements (i.e. transnational placements coordinators, other staff from VET organisations, mentors in enterprises) so that all involved will be ready for the implementation of ECVET.For that they implemented a training offer based on 5 modules: - apprenticeship in Europe- organization of transnational ECVET placements- intercultural communication and project management- the assessment in the field of ECVET- communication and project valorisation.Each partner had the responsibility of each module, but they developed them together, especially during the two European classes. The modules were experimented in each country and then adapted. Another mission for the partners was to get the qualification accredited by an awarding body. Thus they have negotiation and valorisation activities with different organizations and institutions. At the end of the project they all had a solution to have the qualification accredited or recognized. Pro-ECVET brought and will keep on bringing in the future a real added-value to the learners’ transnational placements in Europe thanks to trained and qualified professionals.
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