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Pro-active decision support for data-intensive environments (ASTUTE)
Start date: Mar 1, 2011, End date: May 31, 2014 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"ASTUTE aims at defining reference architecture for the development of HMIs, targeting proactive information retrieval and delivery based on situational context, as well influenced by information content and services, and user state information. This architecture will support the user intentions, optimizing the choices available to the user, while keeping the user in control of the situation. Verified by demonstrators, the architecture will allow for multiple instantiations for different domains such as avionics, automotive and emergency management.The ultimate goal is to develop a platform for building embedded products that capture and act upon user intentions thereby taking into account the user’s context (i.e. user environment and all the factors which will influence the user performance) and state (i.e. aspects determining the ability of the user to perform in a given situation). The challenge is to seamlessly access relevant multimodal information in a context-sensitive way. For instance, in the aviation domain, this architecture will be used in novel design of the flight deck alerting and notification system. Pilots will receive alerts and notifications via a multimodal interface which selects the appropriate modality on the basis of the context and the user state. In the automotive domain, the system will integrate information from various sources (camera, physiological parameters, etc.) to proactively present decision support information, at the right level of detail according to the context, by discarding annoying or distracting low level information.The ASTUTE approach will be validated with demonstrators proposed by large industrial organizations (Honeywell, BMW, ST-Italy, Akhela, Luciad): 1) Smart embedded alert and notification system for flight deck (avionics); 2) Embedded driver safety assistance system (automotive) 3) Embedded driver infotainment system (automotive); 4) Smart embedded emergency dispatching system (emergency management)."
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