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Primary Language Training
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our project is a Spanish Language Immersion course run by LFEE to develop a teacher's skills in teaching Spanish to primary aged pupils. The purpose of the course is to train participants in language and methodology to enable us to embed Spanish in our schools. Clare's attendance on this course will greatly assist her in her role as Languages 1+2 Co ordinator for our school as it will increase the skills and knowledge she requires to train our school staff in teaching Spanish and developing awareness of Spanish culture as well as enhancing her teaching skills in her own classroom. This is an important aspect of our curriculum as Scotland has introduced a Languages 1+2 policy which requires schools to provide quality languages teaching from primary 1. It also helps us meet with the EU strategy of encouraging the introduction of modern languages at an early age. We are keen to ensure that our pupils receive a high quality level of languages teaching. Through attendance on the course Clare will improve her own skills in Spanish and knowledge of Spanish culture and lifestyle. She will learn about methodology in teaching Spanish to primary aged children and gather new resources. This will be done through attending lessons, workshops and engaging in professional dialogue. The course providers and course participants will share resources including lesson ideas and ways to use ICT to enhance learning. During the workshops they will develop lesson ideas. They will extend their knowledge of Spain in the lessons and visiting areas of cultural importance such as Cordoba. They will participate in cultural activities such as eating traditional Spanish food and learning flamenco dancing. They will be encouraged to use the Spanish language at all times to develop their own skills. On returning from the course Clare will hold feedback and training workshop sessions for our 20 teaching staff to train them in new methodology and share the resources acquired. This will be of great benefit to our 370 pupils. Staff should then be more confident and motivated when delivering language learning. This will give our pupils confidence and they will be motivated by the stimulating lessons and resources. Long term this will help raise attainment in languages learning and create more fluent, confident children when working with the Spanish language. Children who are successful in languages learning in primary school are more likely to study languages further in their secondary education, thus creating a more multilingual society for Scotland. Clare will meet with 1+2 co ordinators within our authority to share her experiences, learning and resources. Where required she will organise training workshops for co ordinators and/or their school staff. She will work with local authority languages leaders to develop Spanish language programmes for further years. Clare will work with school staff to create interdisciplinary learning programmes based on Spain and its culture- which will include opportunities for parents to be involved in Spanish based learning activities. We will use e-twinning and/or contacts made on the course to develop a partnership with a Spanish school which help us continue developing our knowledge of Spanish lifestyle and culture and will enable our pupils to develop their ability to use ICT to communicate with other schools. Clare will attend the LFEE follow up meeting which will enable course providers and national stakeholders in language learning to continue evaluating and developing training provided for languages learning to ensure the continued success of the 1+2 programme.
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