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Přeshraniční odborná spolupráce 2015–2016
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The Cross-border Technical Cooperation 2015–2016 project has been prepared by a consortium of 7 Czech secondary technical and vocational schools from 4 regions in the Czech Republic, coordinated by the Czech-German Youth Exchange Coordination Centre Tandem Plzeň. The project follows up on the 15-year tradition. The first project came into existence at Tandem in 2000 as part of the Technical Internship Support Program, and the number of applicants interested in getting financial support for technical cooperation between the neighbouring countries is rising. The principal intention of this project is the realization of professional internships in Germany; the project's partners are based in 6 of Germany's federal states. The project was created due to the increasing demand from secondary technical schools for technical internships abroad as well as the constant need for the development of partnerships between the Czech Republic and Germany. It is also a response to the falling number of secondary school students who study German. The main aim of the project is to help secondary technical and vocational schools with the organization and realization of foreign mobility and to increase their students' motivation to study German. The project aims to boost cooperation between the participating partner organizations and the engagement of businesses and companies in these international activities. All the students' internships will take place in companies. Embedded in the project is the ECVET system, whose components have been designed to increase the quality of activities realized. The project should contribute to improving the mobility of students attending secondary technical and vocational schools and lead to an improvement in the quality of primary technical education. During their stays abroad, young people improve their qualifications; broaden their technical knowledge and skills by learning new methods and procedures, which they have the opportunity to try out in the neighbouring country. During their internship, they gain invaluable experience and establish new contacts and friendships. The foreign internships are planned for 47 students in 7 terms. Seven people are to accompany the students during their internships in Germany, their goal being to ensure their safety, arrange organizational matters, communicate with the partner organization and monitor the course of the activities realized. All the participants are students in regular study programs. The technical focus of the individual terms is rather varied; the project includes fields of study such as forest machinery operator, cook-waiter/waitress, the hospitality industry, social work, mechanical engineering – mechatronics, public service, and art and crafts. The project will be kicked off by an informational meeting of the consortium's members, where the principal points of the project will be discussed in order to prepare the individual terms. The selected participants will be acquainted with the safety regulations for their stay abroad. They will be informed about the course of the mobility, and they will also be trained in terms of their technical and psychological preparedness. Prior to leaving for Germany, the participants will take part in a language and intercultural preparation course, which will be delivered by language animators certified by Tandem. At the end, each term will be evaluated and its accounts properly settled. The project will culminate in the consortium's evaluation meeting, also attended by selected students who have participated in the project. Over the course of the project, the activities will be monitored by the participating schools, their partners and Tandem. An important point is an elaborate system of dissemination of the project's results and impacts both during and after the project. The main result of the project should be the successful realization of all the planned activities, designed to support the participating students' motivation, help them gain new knowledge, skills and experience, and boost their self-confidence. The project is intended mainly for young people, but it will also have an impact on the participating organizations, teachers, and educational systems in both participating countries. It will be reflected in changes to teaching curricula and become a source of inspiration. Participants with varying degrees of experience and other interested parties will benefit from the project. The long-term contribution of the project lies in the continuation and intensification of cross-border cooperation and support for successful activities. The project will result in the establishment of new contacts; it will contribute to the development of technical education; it will help broaden the offer of students' mobility, which will lead to an increase in their numbers, and it will become an inspiration for other organizations, teachers, students and their parents.
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