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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

As globalisation and the ever increasing international competition advance new demands on the competences of our students and their knowledge og international affairs, the consortium has in recent years enhanced its focus on international activities and international programs. By offering our students the opportunity of studying abroad, we assist them in their preparation for the future labour market, thus enhancing their international career possibilities. In our experience, students who have spent time studying abroad meet the requirements of the international labour market in terms of flexibility, independence, and their will to embark on new challenges at home as well as in another culture. The consortium wishes to offer our students the possibility of acquiring international competences in the UK and Hungary. Generally, students going through Vocational Education and Training do not have the same tradition or financial possibilities for going abroad to study, and the Erasmus + program is a unique chance for this group of students to get a head-start academically, personally and linguistically and thereby improving their possibilities of achieving relevant apprenticeship contracts and eventually gain footing on the labour market. The application and approval procedure of the consortium is extensive. Firstly, students and their parents are invited to a meeting where the different destinations are presented. Secondly, the students write a motivated application which is related to the student’s academic as well as personal competences, Thirdly, the approved candidates are invited for an interview where the student’s English proficiency is tested just as the personality is assessed. On the basis of the assessment, test, and interview, a forum consisting of the principal, teachers participating in the program and an international coordinators decide if the student can be approved for a study trip to one of the European destinations. The trip is organised in cooperation with the hosting partners we have worked with for a number of years and who have specialised in cooperating with European VET schools and who enjoy a large network within the local business community and subsequently access to a wide range of work placements within the field of great relevance to our students. The students participate in a one-month program which includes college as well as work placement. The program starts with a college course where the students are introduced to the language and dos and don’ts, history and cultural understanding. After the course, the students continue in their work placements. Expectations: On the basis of several years of experience, the consortium expects the students to return with more knowledge, more skills and new competences such as improved English proficiency, insight in another culture, new personal competences in terms of independence, determination and focus on their future career possibilities. Many of our students also develop the courage to apply for work placement abroad for part of their apprenticeship period. Furthermore, the consortium expects to develop new international contacts and networks.

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