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Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

We are planning a project on new, innovative and effective methods of teaching and learning. We have to realize that students are not the students of our generation where they sit and listen. Things have changed now, they want to explore and be an active part of the learning process. Confucius's old saying "I hear and I forget, I see and I believe, I do and I understand" is still true. So our aim is to find new, motivational strategies, to familiarize students and the staff with different, more enjoyable teaching and learning techniques, to create the most appropriate atmosphere at schools in order to improve academic results. We would like to reach these goals by exchanges of good practices of the participating schools to get inspired from different methods in other countries as well as working out new , innovative approaches through the cooperation of the teachers and students of the partner schools. We would like to create international groups of our staffs organized on the basis of subjects taught by them and of course our students will take part in this project, too, as we want to see their ideas about how we can make our schools more attractive places. The project will be ideal for fostering key competences in a lot of areas because of the wide range of subjects in the work plan, e.g. Maths and Sciences, Humanities, ICT, Languages and Arts. In order to reach our goals teachers should cooperate to create innovative ways of teaching and try the new methods they have found out. They will work on using innovative student-centered pedagogical approaches, new kinds of tasks for students to solve which can make teaching and learning more effective. Students should complete these different sorts of tasks and activities focusing on project based learning. As students will work in an international group, too, this new learning environment can help them develop a more positive attitude towards learning. It is a key point in this project which will be a motivating experience both for teachers and students. We want to support the professional development of our teachers in using new ICT methodologies in teaching. It is also essential for the teachers of our age to know and use English no matter what subjects they teach. This project will enhance ICT based teaching, learning, assessment practices as well as multilingualism in the teaching-learning process. Hopefully our project will have a great impact on our staffs, students and last but not least on our institutions. First, working on the project our staffs will improve the quality of teaching by gathering fresh teaching ideas and approaches. It will be possible to motivate students who are harder and harder to engage in traditional school activities and consequently their academic results will be better. The participating schools will carry out a European project which will help to attain a higher status to our schools. The results of this project will bring longer term benefits to our schools as the teachers will get used to using innovative methods, they can share their experiences with their colleagues. In the course of the project through cooperation both students and teachers will learn how to teach, learn and live in multicultural Europe.
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