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Preparing and keeping professional drivers qualification up-to-date for their changing job requirements with multimedia-based learning
Start date: Dec 1, 2012,

The occupation “professional driver” ranges in Europe under the top ten jobs employers are having difficulty filling with qualified employees. At the same time this occupation is characterised by a fundamental increase of qualification requirements during the past decades. This situation is especially challenging due to the rather low level of professional qualification within this occupation, a mostly negative image of the job and a missing “learning culture” that characterises this occupation nearly all over Europe. However, the qualification of professional drivers is considered an important factor regarding road safety with high relevance for all EU member states and DG MOVE introduced directive 2003/59 that regulates common basic and continuous training for professional drivers EU-wide.This assigns the challenging task to prepare the numerous professional drivers for the jobs requirements and to keep them qualified for their job once they entered into the labour market on initial and continuous VET in Europe. ICT-based training offers additional opportunities to fulfil this task.But a widespread integration of ICT-based learning into professional driver training is hindered by strong scepticism of involved actors towards technology-supported learning and by legal regulations still applying an input orientation with a focus on traditional training settings. Both barriers are based on missing trust into ICT-tools and their appropriate application within VET for drivers with their special needs and characteristics. ICT-DRV lays ground for the formation of trust and therefore a widespread acceptance of ICT-based learning within professional driver training in Europe by developing indicators and recommendation for a high-quality integration of technology-based training into professional driver VET and by facilitating a culture of quality improvement and innovation at all levels of professional driver VET and with regard to the integration of ICT-based learning.
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