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Start date: Sep 1, 2008,

Pekarna-magdalenske mreze institution will host three EVS volunteers, two from France and one from Belgium. The project will last 9 months. The main aim of the project is to include volunteers in cultural activities of the host organization and give her/him the possibility to participate in the formation of cultural, youth, youth-information and humanitarian activities of Pekarna-magdalenske mreze. The volunteers will be actively involved in their EVS project, and through that have the opportunities to achieve personal growth and acquire a sense of belonging to the organization and local community. They will be able to learn the strategies and techniques of independent organizing and planning of cultural or other events and also acquire abilities needed to work in a team composed of people with different cultural and social backgrounds. The volunteers will get experiences in the fields of scenery making techniques, working with ICT and working on the radio show. On the main goals is for a volunteer to embrace the cultural diversity which EVS project in Pekarna-magdalenske mreze has to offer and develop a critical way of thinking in cultural and public / civil spheres, that is encourage active citizenship. The volunteer will basically have to chance to work in every field of activities of Pekarna-magdalenske mreze institution and Youth informative and consulting centre INFOPEKA.

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