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Première Expérience Professionnelle à l'Etranger en cycle bac professionnel SAPAT
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Background : The high school vocational agricultural Ker Anna,hosts 370 students in 3rd and 4th years of high school, in vocational qualification (CAP, Bac Professionel) in the town of Kervignac (Morbihan). It employs 39 persons (26 teachers).The school has had a very close partnership with the school Euroschule Görlitz, Saxony, Germany since 2009 and a more recent partnership with the school Jules Verne, Helsinki, Finland, since 2014. Objectives: - Promote the European dimension in the school - Promote a larger cultural curiosity and foster a sense of European citizenship among students - Promote mobility among students through increasing learners' autonomy in the language and logistic independence. - Put into practice and acquire the knowledge, know-how and life skills - Discover innovative instructional methods, pedagogies and approaches - Improve managerial skills to help to further internationalisation of the school. 3 activities are planned : - work placement abroad for learners - staff mobility for accompagnying the learners in the 1st week - staff mobility for observation internship in foreign schools Participants: The work placement will be proposed each of the 2 years to 6 students in Bac Professional "Service to people and to rural areas". These students attend to a unit of study which introduces care services for people through the different stages of life. Many of them intend to work with young children. The trainees will be from 18 to 20, from low income households, they intend to work with young children. Many of them show resistance to mobility and a low openness to the European Union. The observation internship will be proposed to the staff in order to complete the action-research “For an appropriate education action for learners with specific profile” carried out in the school. Activities: The placement will take place for 3 weeks in the second part of the school years in kindergartens (0-6- year olds) or pre-school (2-6-year olds). 6 students will go to the 2 countries each year. For each destination, a teacher will accompany the trainees on the outward journey, and will help the students integrate the teams and get used to the town of Görlitz or the city of Helsinki in the 1st week. They will help to sustuain our partnerships and propose corrective measures if necessary. The 2 observation internships will take place in the institutions of our partners. The participants will visit institutions of the education field too. One observation internship will be carried out every school year. Methology: The steering committee of Ker Anna high school and the teams of Euroschule, Germany, and Jules Verne school, Finland, will cooperate to set up and monitor the work programme and progress of the mobilities. The students will play an active role in the process; they will submit their application and will be invited for an interview with a selection panel. Preparation sessions will help them think about the experience abroad and the return. The trainees will be autonomous in the last 2 weeks. The German coordinator and a French resident in Görlitz will provide help if required; Jules Verne's director and executive assistant will do the same in Helsinki. The French team will keep regular contact with the trainees and the trainers. Back to school, they will write a report and speak of their experience to their mates and teachers. Results and impact envisaged: The 12 students will gain autonomy and openness to European Union. They should pass on these values to the other students and their future professional teams. This new self-care skill will encourage them to a greater mobility and therefore ease their transition to work. Greater cultural awareness and increased self-confidence will foster a positive attitude towards learning. The observation interns will be able to change their posture to students and introduce innovative teaching methods. They will share their findings with the school team and in particular with the team involved in the action-research. Their experience abroad will help to reinforce the international dynamic of the lycée Ker Anna. Potential longer term benefits: Making our partnerships sustainable is our priority. Besides we plan to widen the destinations for work placement and provide opportunities to a larger number of students. The observation internships should help the school team set up European classes in the school. Exchanges of teachers between Lycée Ker Anna and Euroschule could pave the way to an exchange of professionals working with young children.

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