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Praxe žáků učebních oborů a mobilita učitelů pro konkurenceschopnost
Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 31 Oct 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project "The professional practice of students of vocational courses and the mobility of teachers for Competitiveness" is planned for 20 students from vocational courses confectioner, cook and waiter and field of study Tourism. Students will be accompanied by 2 persons. The project will also support 10 teachers of vocational subjects and vocational training.The project is based on the long-term plan for closer cooperation of our school with foreign companies and educational institutions. Cooperation with Italian hotels and the school will allow updating of teaching methods and practices.Many of our graduates solves the problem with the application. It is hard to find job for graduates with little experience. The main objective of the project is to obtain and transfer of foreign knowledge, skills and experience to support the future employment of graduates.It is confirmed from other schools and from our own experience, that students who complete an internship abroad are positively evaluated and then find employment more easily. In this way we want to increase the application of our students on the european labour market. The participants will discover how important it is to educate oneself, to study foreign languages, establish personal contacts, which can be used to find job.The internship will take place in May 2017 and will take 2 working weeks. The professional program is focused on mediterranean cuisine. Students will not only get a comprehensive know-how about the mediterranean cuisine and servise of typical dishes and drinks, but will develop their communication skills in a foreign language.In the first week students will have the practical work under the guidance of the Italian lecturers in the educational institute IAL. In the afternoons they will work on various departments of the hotel. Students will work 7 hours per day, 5 days a week and will be divided to the workplace of their field of study. Each group will be assigned an Italian tutor.The mobility of teachers aims to acquire new knowledge and skills to improve education for competitiveness; to improve linguistic and professional skills of teachers, support teachers with less education and a little experience. Our teachers will shade their colleagues, they will focus on obtaining the materials for theoretical and practical teaching and the transfer of Italian know-how. A specific objective of mobility will be the adjustment of the teaching at our school, to better link theory with practice.The mobility of teachers will take place in May 2017 and will take 1 working week. Mobility will take place in an educational institution IAL Cesenatico E. R., where will our teachers shade Italian colleagues during the practical teaching. IAL Cesenatico E. R.will also ensure a visit to other contractual institutions, among them the Hotel Raffaello.In these companies we will compare the level of cooperation of the Italian school with local businesses. We will follow the requirements of the current labor market. We will identify and compare the course of the professional practice of Italian students in these departments. There will be an exchange of experience, knowledge. Our teachers also will participate in a practical teaching IAL Cesenatico E.R. They will learn about typical Italian ingredients, recipes, modern working methods and machinery and then they will be able to teach the basics of mediterranean cuisine.The added value of the project is to explore the Italian culture and mentality in the form of educational excursions to the surroundings, eg. in the production of wine, olive oil production, production of typical cheeses, visiting the fish market etc ..The outcome of the project will be 20 students and 10 teachers, who will receive a Europass and a certificate about their international practice. Part of the outcome will be the presentation of the results of the project at school. Participants will demonstrate their new knowledge and skills.They will also process obtained recipes, working procedures and photofraphic material to the guidebook, which will include also specialized vocabulary. The project will be presented in the promotional materials of the school, on the websites and notice boards of the school and in the regional press.The school will use the project to establish a long-term international cooperation and obtained information will provide not only the students, but also teachers and other schools. The project will contribute to the popularization of apprenticeships and the growing prestige of the school.
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