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Praxe v Evropě - šance pro zaměstnanost absolventů a vzdělávání učitelů
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Project “PRACTISE in EUROPE – increasing employment opportunity for students and teachers“ was prepared for 20 students from the 1st and 2nd grade of secondary education whereas the third grade students had their final exam at that time + 2 accompanying people and also 10 teachers became a part of this mobility. 10 students in the field of chef-waiter and 10 students in the field of tourism and catering services. The education stay took place in the educational institution IAI and in the hotel Raffaello the first two weeks in May 2016. It lasted one week for teachers and two weeks for students. New professional skills gained during the stay were focused on Mediterranean cuisine and its specialities. Students also learnt a lot about the situation in the Italian school. The communicative skills of all participants were increased and also motivation for the further education is higher. This is the only way leading to prosperity and effective prevention of unemployment on the labour market. Our project was based on analysis of the school needs as well as the students and teachers needs. We found out that the international cooperation between the school and the private company was the best way for building the market competitiveness. The cooperation between the school and the private sector will facilitate updating of teaching methods towards further harmonization of the professional skills of students with the demands of their future employers. The integral part of the high-quality mobility was developing of the language and interpersonal skills, creating of the international cooperation and networking. The inclusion and facilitating of equal opportunities in education was also very important. The mobility abroad is a matter of prestige when our school is getting higher prestige on the education market. For the participants it was a big motivation to be part of the stay. The program was led by Italian professionals in the manufacturing and distribution centers of the receiving organization and cooperating hotels. The program was focused on the needs of the students. This stay may be useful for the students when they pass their final exam or thein profile maturita exam.. Many of our students come from the socially disadvantaged backgrounds and from the single-parent families. Their motivation for education was very weak. These students had lack of belief in themselves and also their ability to achieve a personal goals. Exactly for these students this educational stay was a good oportunity and we are happy for them so that they could be part of this stay. The aim of the project was thus also preventing unemployment and inclusion. Before leaving for the educational stay abroad students were fully trained to undertake the demands of their job abroad. The Italian partner provided the organizational backup for the stay with the local hotels. The program was be focused on Mediterranean cuisine. Participants were placed into the workplace according to their field of study. Each participant worked with an Italian tutor during the stay. Participants of the project increased their professional value, both general and specific language skills they gained knowledge of the culture backgrounds and traditions of the country. The mobility of our teachers was based on the current needs of our school. The other goal was exchanging teachers' experience and their professional development in gastronomic branches. The main emphasis was also placed on supporting lifelong education of the teachers as well as involving teachers in training and practice. Teachers established international cooperation they communicated in a foreign language. They increased their professional and personal growth. The mobility enabled acquisition of professional experience to the students with special educational needs, improved their knowledge and skills and increased their personal and professional development. The main objective of the mobility was becoming familiar with the Italián education system and with the education of the students with special needs. All participants received the Europass followed ECVET and the certificate with a description of the specialized program. The educational stay was recognized as a continuous practice and further education to all participants. Participants of the educational stay were evaluated according to created units of learning results gatanteed by Salvatore Zecca and on the basis of working diaries, photographic documentation, interview and evaluations received from their Italian tutors at the end of the stay. Self-evaluation was focused on improving and increasing the knowledge and skills of participants and improving their language and communication skills. After the finishing of the educational stay in Italy the school organized the workshop where everything what students and teachers learnt presented to schoolmates, parents, teachers and representatives of hotels and restaurants they cooperate with.

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