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Praxe, pramen inspirace?
Start date: Sep 1, 2016, End date: Apr 30, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Practice, Source of Inspiration?•Thanks to the long-time experience with foreign exchanges, both as sending and receiving institution (awarded with Quality Mark), and thanks to experienced organizational team and wide network of partner organizations we can prepare quality mobilities and exchanges according to the individual demands and school needs for our students and teachers of technical and art branches of the Secondary School and the CollegeThere are seven partners participating in the project (FR, UK,GR,DE,FI,P) with various specializations. As a unique specialized art school with a long tradition we realize the necessity to respond to the ever-changing job market demands and to our position in the society•Our school’s success depends on our teachers’ capacities, their chance to learn and share during active exchanges and their ability to pass their expertise to their students. It is not sufficient any more to have school full of students excelling in theory. To achieve high level of expertise we must teach theory by maximum amount of practiceAny practice in the field of study is priceless, and to get practical experience abroad is a bonus as it extends language skills, personal independence, and the ability to break through which is especially important for art schools. Besides the practical skills the students also get many impulses which boost their natural creativity, they learn to apply the latest ICT tools, for their personal need and their specialization.During all the activities key competencies and interdisciplinary themes are supported to link up the skills, competencies and attitudes•As our school specializes in art and as we want to create conditions to support individuality and personal qualities of each student we sent only small groups of 2–4 people abroadActivity A1: 26 students (major /minor, girls/boys)+4 accompanying adults. Secondary school of clothing - technical branch and two clothing design branches and its presentation (11+4 participants)College of Fashion Design (15 participants)Activity A2:3 experienced teachers of Secondary School and College who will present their specialized subjects in the language of receiving organization and in English. We expect distinct increase of international awareness of our school’s competence.We focus on teamwork and increasing of cultural awareness by means of international collaboration of schoolsActivity A3: 5 teachers of Secondary School and College (both starting and experienced) who will increase their specialized competencies at the receiving organization by observing education of special subjects of our partner schools abroad. This should result in implementation of new educational methods, innovation of the existing ones, new study materials, new impulses for teaching.The teachers will learn the ECVET evaluation and the partner’s knowhow and they will use it for the purposes of our school. •For the A1 activity we plan 14 days residency at schools with similar syllabusThe fundamental activities for A1–specific for each destination, according to the specifications of the participants (based on the questionnaire,CV,a letter of motivation) are: - completed fashion outfit by the selected inspiration (practical realization in real conditions of a practice) - professional designer’s book of inspiration (artistic presentation using ICT) - fulfillment of a given assignment evaluated by the ECVET- learning about the specialized education abroad, its course, evaluation and prospects at the job market - individual web presentation of the project. Exhibition of works inspired and realized in connection with the residency, school work - individual and group presentation of the outfit at fashion show (public presentation of the residency impact on the professional development) We’ve agreed with all the partners on realization of European certification and validation of the mobility results by means of the ECVET system, Europass mobility and individual Certification of each organization. In all the activities the development of language skills and competencies will be accounted for•To fulfill all the tasks of the project, strong focus will lie on the selection and systematic preparation of the participants in all the activities to achieve quality output which would enable easy but valuable dissemination of the project’s results both at our school and among our international partners. The Schedule: 9-12/2016 preparation of the project1- 12/2017 realization1- 4/2018 finishing, outputs, presentation• Further impact of the project is evident in these spheres: - improvement of pedagogical work in the scope of lifelong learning - improvement of expert and specialized training of our graduating students /adjustment of School Edu.Plan/- boost of qualification for better employment- further motivation for the field of study development- long-time dissemination in the EU thanks to the number of participating partners
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