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Praktyki zagraniczne szansą na sukces zawodowy
Start date: Sep 1, 2016, End date: Dec 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

ZSMiO no 5 is going to organize a four-week VET practice in Italy for students of IT, car mechanics, elecricians and mechatronics as a part of Erasmus + mobility programme. The training consists of 160h of training. The target group are second and third grade students of a technical secondary school who have managed to acquire basic knowledge of vocational subjects. In the selection process a group of 50 participants of the project will be selected. The participants of the project will be divided into two equal groups, one of them will take part in the vocational training in May and the other one in September 2017. The first group will be comprised of IT students and electricians while the second group will consist of mechanics, electricians and mechatronics. Each group will be accompanied by two teachers during the vocational training.The planned external training aims at combining theoretical knowledge and practical skills which can be problematic to technical secondary school students. The major goals include: development of vocational skills, supporting participant in acquiring knowledge , personal development, increasing their chances of employment both in local and European companies, learning foreign languages, increasing their cultural awareness. The implemention of the project will affect the local and regional environment and may lead to cooperation with Italian employers in the fields of IT, car mechanics, electrics and mechatronics.Within the actions taken while the project implementaion the sending organisation will select participants of the vocational training. With a view to assure the best possible preparation of students for the training in Italian companies, the organizers will provide language training (both English and Italian), cultural workshops, and pedagogical training. Such actions will provide students with knowledge and skills allowing them to communicate in working environment and daily situations. Not only will it enable them to co-exist in a foreign environment, but also deal with stressful situations.To ensure the proper organisation of the vocational training programme and freedom of movement in a new environment the students will be equipped with Polish-Italian phrase books, maps, tourist information brochures, local public transport tickets and mobile phone cards.To satisfy the needs of students, ZSMiO no 5 in cooperation with their Italian partner, AMFI International, will provide accommodation in fully equipped apartments, transportation, vocational training in companies which are in line with their field of study, and free time activities including , cultural trips and workshops.The results of the mobility project will include: gaining valuable experience, expanding knowledge and acquiring new vocational skills, increasing communicative skills, familiarizing with a new culture, modern technologies and foreign labour market strategies. Furthermore, the experience gained during the training may lead to introducing innovations to the local and regional environment in the fields of education and industry. Moreover, all the skills and knowledge acquired by the participant will be verified by European certificates (Europass Mobility and Language Passport) which may be valuable assets in the eyes of potential employers.The influence of the project will be multifaceted. It will affect the local community, with special reference to the youth, regional, and European community. The prospective effects may concern present and potential vocational secondary school students, who will appreciate the advantages of vocational education over general education. Moreover, the local community will see the benefits of knowledge of foreign languages, educational mobility, and lifelong learning. The community of the hosting organisation will get acquainted with Polish culture and habits. As a result, they will develop a sense of tolerance towards other cultures, customs, and traditions. This may lead to exchange of the cultural and professional experience.In the long term, the project may be used as a tool of verification of the vocational training system. The experience gained in the project may lead to the introduction of new specialties needed in the European labour market. Moreover, it may lead to the introduction of modern technologies in Polish companies and, consequently, to the increase of their competitiveness in the European market.

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