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Praktyki zagraniczne rozwojem umiejętności przyszłych pracowników branży gastronomicznej
Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 31 May 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The participants of the project will constitute the group of 46 students attending third and fourth class of Secondary Technical School preparing them to perform the profession of Technician of Food Technology as well as students from the last third class of Vocational School giving the professional certificate of Confectioner or Baker. The apprenticeship is planned as a three-week training in two terms:Group I - 04.10.2016 - 26.10.2016Group II - 07.03.2017 - 29.03.2017The participants of the project will be supervised by their teachers. The apprenticeship will take place in Greece Small and Medium - Sized Enterprises active in the area of food processing with specializations corresponding to students’ classes. Mediterranean cousin food products belong to the best-known, highly valued and well recognized ones all over the world. The substantial element of their international success is especially their high quality combined with the use of traditional recipes. The apprenticeships in Greece hence will give the students some valuable opportunities of professional development as in their future career they are going to work in the food procession and production industry. In the course of the apprenticeship the participants of the project will familiarize with some elements of food processing, such as:- tradition consisting in the use of specific recipes and methods of production- modernity represented by technical equipment and food safety systems - craft connected with skills of producing variety of different kinds of products- art which is reflected in the choice of adequate ingredients, the ability of creating taste, flavor and appearance of products They will also familiarize themselves with the sale exposition of products and their promotion.Important target of the apprenticeship will be also the development of students’ manual skills that are essential in SMEs in the food industry sector: in bakeries and confectioneries handicraft is often used, especially in traditional methods of manufacturing. Work experience gained in Greece, where the food manufacturing is on the top world level, contact with different organization and work culture as well as knowledge connected with requirements set up for employees will help participants of the projects to succeed in the Polish and European labor markets. Participation in the project in addition to the benefits of a strictly vocational and language character, will give participants the opportunity to learn about the culture and historical monuments of the host country and broaden their perception of the world and the surrounding reality. It will also develop their social competence and personality, including giving appropriate response to stressful situations, ability to work in a group and self-critical assessment of their work. The students also will get to know cultural heritage and modern image of hosting country and region.The apprenticeship offers the participants the possibility to improve their English (especially vocational vocabulary) planned to be the language of the project, so their value in the labor market and competences will increase. The participants will also learn Greek language in the basic level what may become their extra advantage.The participation in the project also brings benefits to the school. It allows ourthe school to raise its prestige, because our graduates who will participate in the apprenticeship, will be better prepared for their vocational career. It will also allow both the applying organization and the school to gain valuable experience in EU programs, making international contacts, motivate other students who want to take part in similar projects in the future. Professional knowledge of students and teachers, gained during the apprenticeship, will be used for vocational classes and practical classes. Polish employers will also benefit as they can use our students' experience and knowledge in their businesses.
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