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Praktyki zagraniczne drogą do kariery na europejskim rynku pracy
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The aim of the project is gaining competence for implementing theoretical knowledge acquired at school within the structure of European job market in technical professions. The recipient of the project is 17-19 year old youth studying in the following professions: IT technician, electrician, mechanic, mechatronic and car mechanic. The young people can be characterized by theoretical superiority over practical skills. Ineptitude of the rules within the job market and the lack of direct contact with the latter are often the reasons why they do not start their work in trade. Insufficient knowledge of foreign languages, deficiency of professionalism discourage potential employers and leave our graduates facing unemployment. It is worth noticing that the young people come from communities characterized by low mobility and that they spend majority of time in their home town or village. That factor implies limited possibilities of professional development. Taking into consideration all the reasons listed above, one conclusion comes to mind, which is the mobility project being an excellent tool for development within three fields: professional, cultural and social. Each of the two groups planned will consists of 25 students and 2 supervisors. By the time of departure for apprenticeship the students will acquire professional knowledge and the knowledge of English language, which will be verified and approved by the means of final marks. The recruitment process will include five factors: the students will be selected on the base of their school performance in vocational subjects, command of English, their conduct grade, participation in subject olympiads and risk of poverty. In case two students score the same number of points, the girl will be selected as the school is male predominantly with less than 10% female students. Each of the two groups planned will consists of 25 students and 2 supervisors. By the time of departure for apprenticeship the students will acquire the knowledge of English language and Irish culture during a 30 hour long preparatory course, which will be verified and approved by the means of final marks. The important factor to consider while recruiting participants for the project is their maturity. Therefore each participant will undergo a 10 hour long workshop with a psychologist to develop their interpersonal skills, improve assertiveness and ability to deal under stress without the direct support from family. All the participants will be equiped with a tablet during their stay in Ireland (to facilitate the contact with the coordinator, the family, to have access to English teaching software, GPS etc.) Therefore, the students will also undergo a ten-hour course to get familiar with this device and applications used. Internship for each group will last four weeks and it will take place in Mallow, Co Cork, the Republic of Ireland. Our partner - Your International Training will provide our students with quality work placement in local companies to match their needs. The span of the exchange is the minimum time to meet objectives of job training which students of vocational schools are supposed to undergo according to the school curriculum. During that time the students will be monitored by our partner's representative and Polish supervisors so as to issue mobility certificates for the learners and prepare a final report. After the work placement, which will last 6 hours a day, the partner is to prepare two trips for our students (on Saturdays) to Cork and the Cliffs of Moher. Moreover, in the schedule there are also workshops of Irish dance. To improve our students' language skills, the partner will secure for them full board accommodation with Irish families. Also in the afternoon students will take part in a free English course run by a native speaker. Expected results are: upgrading professional qualifications, appreciation of importance of foreign languages, acknowledging the history, daily life and culture of the Irish, overcoming barriers and national stereotypes, gaining independence and and at the same time learning responsibility and last but not least producing a student with high self-esteem, knowing how to find its place on the Polish and European job market and aware of opportunities provided by participation in European Union programs. As a result of the project the school will broaden their educational offer. A European dimension will be added to our actions - we will not only educate students within the frames of school curriculum but also present them the way of personal and professional development. Thus, the school is intended to become a link between local communities and European Union, enabling the former to take advantage of various European programs aimed at youth. The outcomes of the project will be disseminated on our school website, through conferences for parents and teachers and in local media as an example of good practice.
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