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Praktinio mokymo metodai: užsienio šalių patirtis
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

We wanted to implement the project "Practical teaching methods: the experience of foreign countries", because practical teaching is one of the main actions for vocational schools, which has the greatest influence for a qualitative student's preparation for the labour market. Even practical teaching makes70 percent of all teaching at vocational schools. The covering as more of various practical teaching methods in the lessons excites the interest of the students, does not let to feel tedious, influences the motivation of the learning. Knowing the variety of the practical teaching methods and being able to implement, them in the lessons is very actual either for the teachers of the profession not to become boring and not to be interesting or for the students, whom we have not only to teach during the lessons, but to study hard, to activate to find new, unknown, to error and to correct the mistakes. It was very important for the teachers of profession to be ready completely and to be able while using practical teaching methods to make to be interested the student of any age, motivation, experience or learning results. The aim of the project was to develop the workers, who were busy in the sphere off the professional teaching actively (professional teachers, workers, who were responsible for the organization of the practical teaching process) competences in the sphere of the practical teaching methods, adapting the experience of the European countries. The number of the project's participants was 18 practical teaching specialist (professional teachers, administrators, who were responsible for teaching process organization) from PE Daugai TBS, Plungė TBS and Vilnius ABS. During the project's implementation the participants would go on work observe visits to professional teaching enterprises and /or business enterprises to Germany, Turkey and Spain. The project's participants during the work observe visits would get acquainted with the methods of practical teaching and the forms which were used in the vocational schools and enterprises in Germany, Turkey and Spain. In the project implementation's and administration's process a project work group were from PE Daugai TBS, Plungė TBS, Vilnius ABS and the foreign partners organizations representing project's coordinators would take a part. The results were planned: 1. Workers' professional, pedagogical knowledge and skills of the practical teaching methods' of PE Daugai TBS, Plungė TBS and Vilnius ABS would be developed. 2. 2-3 practical teaching methods' descriptions would be prepared from each visit country (all in all 6-9 descriptions of the practical teaching) with view material and recommendations how and in what lessons of the practical subjects they could be used. The goal experience of the foreign countries brought by the project's participants the descriptions of the practical teaching methods was prepared by them and would be used in the teaching process, the quality of the practical teaching would become better, the lessons for the students would be more attractive, more interesting, they would have a better motivation for learning. The specialists of the professional teaching as the project's participants would share a good experience with the colleagues in such a way the good experience of the foreign countries by the professional teaching specialists, who didn't take a part in the project, would be adapted in their work.

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