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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

-Background/ history of the project Although the trainers of the Public I.E.K. of Lamia were regularly trained and the trainees had the opportunity to do internships in local businesses, experience from another European country did not exist. This was the main reason why this mobility program was implemented. - The program objectives were: - the contact between the Public I.E.K. of Lamia with other institutes of Cyprus with the aim of improving knowledge, abilities, skills and practice of tools, adopting innovative ideas and gaining rich experience in the field of Physiotherapy and Infant Care. - the development of a full program of practical training for our trainees, which included, apart from work experience, theoretical courses on the field of Early Childhood Care and Physiotherapy. Therefore, several gaps of the curriculum were covered, which were no other than the lack of work experience of our trainees. -The effective education and training brought about the desired results, such as the integration of our trainees in the job market, not only locally, but, also, on a European basis. In addition, we aimed at, through experiential learning, the use of talent and social capital of Europe. Therefore, it is needless to say that the objective of the whole experience was the improvement of employment and career prospects, the enhancement of learning performance and increasing incentives for future participation in programs. -Number / Profile of the participants The first activity was addressed to 15 Physiotherapists, who went through their initial occupational training in the specialty of Physiotherapy and were trainees of the fourth semester with sufficient theoretical knowledge but little practical experience. In this context, not only did they have the opportunity to supplement their theoretical knowledge not provided at I.E.K., but, most importantly, they were able to implement practically already-acquired knowledge in massage techniques, special rehabilitation techniques and physiotherapy as well as to participate in the restoration of consequences of accidents, sports injuries, strokes and cardiovascular incidents. By means of experiential learning (internships) in various rehabilitation centers and physiotherapy centers in Cyprus, trainees were able to absorb new knowledge and practices. During the second activity, the 15 participants went through the fourth semester, as well, and had acquired sufficient knowledge of the following subjects: preschool education, infant child care, developmental psychology, children’s literature, kinaesthetic and theatrical education, art and craft, organization of early childhood centres, Information Technology, but had no significant experience from internships at an early childhood centre. The mobility program enabled them to work and benefit from a quite innovative preschool program which sufficiently supplemented their training program. Upon return, the students shared their experiences, what they saw, heard and learned in Cyprus with their fellow students and their trainers. They made a presentation with audio-visual and photographic material from Cyprus. They also prepared a related article which was uploaded on social media and the website of the Institute, and published in the local press, as well.
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