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Start date: Jan 1, 2010,

This project is targeted at increasing awareness of gender and ethnic discrimination of low qualified educational employees working with young children or of adults on training in relation with childcare (parents, migrants …) and teachers. Available training material for low qualified adults does not often take into account the gender and ethnic concerns. The aim of the project is to increase the target group’s awareness of these issues by working on writings intended for children.Indeed, writings for children remain an important stake of socialization because of their strong cultural legitimization. For example social assignments of gender are strongly perceived by children. Typically girls/women characters are confined in household and domestic roles, boys/men characters assume professional or leisure activities. These representations can have important consequences on the childrens’ behaviour: lack of self confidence, inefficient relationships between girls and boys or between children of different origins. Therefore working with this literature seems to be a good mean to identify these stereotypes and to understand how they work in a restrictive way on mental gender and ethnic representations.The consortium gathers partners from academia and adult education working with various target groups and environments in 5 different countries. Approaching the issue through different cultural backgrounds seems very important to identify common patterns and to exchange and develop good practices at an European level. We propose to build specific awareness tools in order to make this group capable of - Identifying sexism allusions and learn how to thwart them- promoting female potential and ethnic diversity- promoting young and adult literacy free from sexism allusions and ethnic discriminationsTools will be experimented and evaluated with different target groups. Training material and experience will be available on open website for widespread dissemination.
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