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Practice and Personal Development in Europe-Successful Career
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The general purpose of our school is training and education of the students themselves that are going to be involved in the project and with that, creation of staff for fulfilling the needs of the Labor Market in the field of Catering and Tourism in the frames of developed European countries. The school has a task to train the students, theoretically and practically for the Labor Market. The school itself, depending on their capabilities, tries to direct them on the right way towards their individual and personal development and improvement. The school also tries to improve the students' individual motivation for the advancement of their capability of completion of the supposed tasks, for the enrichment and improvement of their desires and intentions, needs and for their further training and continuing the education in the areas where they have better affinities ; improvement of their future training depending on the choice they have made for the qualification (waiter, cook, pastry cook , baker, Hotel and tourism technician, gastronomy technician) their cultural improvement. The school itself in the cooperation with the Ministry of Education enables them to continue with their education and in an easier way helps them to improve the cultural level, the educational level and their socialization. On the other side, our partner in this project, Lycée "Anne-Sophie Pic" from Toulon, is a French school which trains students for the following profiles: tourism (professional training, technological training and superior training in cuisine, service and hotel arrangements), in food preparation (professional training in bakery and pastry), tourism (superior training), but also for florists (professional training). The large number of partners, the palette of offered training, the engagement in continuous training, in the validation of acquisition of experience, have permitted the school to obtain the label « Lycée des métiers ». The 750 students have a school uniform which completes their professional look. Their elegance distinguishes them from other high-school students and contributes to necessary know-how in this domain. The training is based on concrete situations that lead to different high-school degrees. The upper description of our partner shows briefly why we have chosen them as our partner in this project and as a place where the mobility of our students was intended to take place and where it took place indeed. It is a serious and highly respected establishment from southern France, that offered our students the best condition for practical work they could ever meet until now, including their partner enterprises from the town of Toulon, such as our professionally oriented students have never before had the opportunity to see nor to work at. Those places are, besides the professional practice cabinets in the school itself, the hotel "La Corniche- Best Western", Hotel Ibis, Maison Sarroche, Matyasy, Gaudefroy Receptions. The participants who are included (14 of them) in the training are from the following sections: Three-year education: waiter, cook, pastry-cook. Four-year education: hotel and tourism and gastronomy technician. The students from the previously mentioned fields included in the project for training were sent in a developed European country. With the involvement of the students in this project they acquired new knowledge and skills that are appropriate to the European standards, and got better communication with students from different countries, they improved the knowledge of the foreign languages through a better communication. They were introduced to the culture and the cultural and historical heritage of another country, the traditions and their values for the country that they visited. The students made new friends, acquired European knowledge, gained experiences and skills in the field of catering and tourism that they didn't have the opportunity to meet in their home country. They got the opportunity to join the European civilization. All this can give them bigger chances for their employment as well as the opportunity of implementing the European Labor. This project for us as a school is very important because it provided our students: - Improvement of foreign language for communication; - Vocational improvement and development of knowledge and practical training of students; - Introduction of culture, cultural and historical heritage, tradition and with the same partner; - Acquisition and exchange of experiences between students from both countries; - Introduction of new skills in performing the practical work. Most of the students improved their communication in English and some of them in French, too, they gained practical skills in the field of gastronomy, hotel work and knowledge about the work in the premises for serving. They gained experience that will be precious in their future respective works and that will certainly augment their chances for employment.

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