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Prácticas Europeas en Ganaderías con Agricultura Sostenible y Organizada.
Start date: 01 Jul 2016, End date: 30 Jun 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

PROJECT (PEGASUS) (PEGASO) " European practices in farms with Sustainable and Organized Agriculture " CONTEXT The project "PEGASUS", developed under the program ERASMUS + will focus on two activities, on the one hand students' mobility for the accomplishment of practices on companies abroad, and on the other hand, mobility of personnel in job-shadowing presenting as organizing center and partner of sending, Federation EFA Galicia, placed in Puente De San Lazaro 11A-1ºD, 15703 - in Santiago de Compostela, province of Coruña (Spain). The practices will be realized in Bourgogne (France) by the participation with a view to partner of reception of Maison Familiale Rurale de Villevallier, Rue Verdeau 25, 89330 VILLEVALLIER, Francia.NUMBER AND PROFILE OF THE PARTICIPANTS The project goes in the activity A1 to pupils of CFGM of Agricultural Productions with ages understood between the 16 and 20 years and that have already a few theoretical - practical knowledge in rural activities and on the contents that are going to penetrate into the above mentioned project. 15 out of 16 are students, most children of dairy farmers, and an a tutor, due to the fact that there are students who are under 18. None has problems of mobility or of another type that prevents them from having the stay with total normality. In the activity A2, the project goes to a participant who will develop a mobility of personnel job-shadowing, the person participant in this activity will be a teacher of vocational training and will be involved at the same time in the activitys of students' mobility for practices.DESCRIPTION OF THE ACTIVITIES Activity A1-The pupils will have a stay of practices in companies in April, 2017 for 17 days in which every pupil will be in a different company from the agricultural sector this way to be involved more in the knowledge of the language and in the sector they have to study. On the other hand a teacher will accompany the pupils to monitor and to coordinate all the activities during the stay, this teacher will belong to the host partner and will control the stay for 17 days. His function is to accompany in the return trip and to realize the visits in coordination with the teacher of the host partner.Activity A2-The person who realizes the activity of mobility will stay for three days to study the methodologies of work of the host center and at the same time to study the environment at which the above mentioned center is situated. His principal aim is to obtain methodologies and good educational practices to incorporate them into the curricular project of center later.METHODOLOGY The following steps were carried out: - Creation of the Committee of Mobility. - Preparation of the project. - Preparation of the pupils. - Accomplishment of the selection of the students.- Preparation of the documentation (agreements, insurances, reports, tasks and cards of evaluation) - Accomplishment of the stay. - Summary of information for the evaluation of the project and of the pupils. - Day of conclusions (in the host center). RESULTS AND FORESEEN IMPACT Activity A1-We hope that the pupils reach a major professional level in the agricultural sector. And be able to investigatie and adoptie applicable mechanisms of working in his professional future. To manage to create his own company or to be employed at the agricultural sector. To increase the level in an European language and so increase his professional dimension. We hope that the educational center strengthens the relation with European centers, to be able to incorporate methodologies into our educational program. To increase the activities in mobility for an enrichment of the professorship involved in this type of projects.Activity A2-We hope that the mobility of personnel reverberates positively in the organization of the center and of the future activities of mobility. We also hope that the person involved in the mobility obtains a few capacities and attitudes for the attainment of the aims marked in the current and future Erasmus+ projects, serving as guide to form other teachers in this type of activities.POSSIBLE Long-term BENEFITS Activity A1- In a short and long term it will serve in order that the pupil wakes himself or idealizes his project of future in the rural area, comparing with other models that he has known in the period of practicals. It will also serve as reference to the beginning of his labor activity and as possible source of inspiration in the accomplishment of his own project of life. Activity A2-A average and long term will be useful to improve the formative program of the center of sending and reception, at the same time as an European dimension is acquired in the teacher training.
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