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Start date: 30 Jun 2016, End date: 29 Jun 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

QUALIF EUROPEAN CENTRE OF QUALIFICATIONS, STUDIES AND FORMATION, has as one of its principal purposes the employment of unemployed people and the improvement of the professional and personal skills through the development of general formation and particularly professional formation for the employment: The objective is the selection, training, guidance and integration of their students in the job market, always looking for excellence and quality in their performances.The Professional Certificate of Competence in Social Dependent Care Institutions is the appropriate formation to arrange the objectives of integration of our students into the job market. In Germany, the equivalent occupation called "Assistance to the Elderly" is one of the occupations with professional shortage in the country. Therefore, our students have a chance for a double track for their employment, facilitating a possible employment in our region and expanding its employability and opportunity for future employment in the country in which they will make their work practices.The project is to obtain the Certificate of Professional Geriatric Care in attention to dependent people in Social Institutions in Castilla -La Mancha (Ciudad Real) and the performance of the practice module in Germany (Munich).The objectives of the project are to provide the program beneficiaries of international experience in the work scope to enable them to acquire and apply knowledge, skills and qualifications. All this has a decisive influence on their personal development and employability, expanding their ability to participate in the European Job Market.The project will involve three actors:1 - QUALIF CENTRAL EUROPEAN QUALIFICATIONS, STUDIES AND FORMATION, as requesting organization, which in addition to the formation of the Certificate of Competence in Geriatric Care to dependent people in Social Institutions, will own the project management tasks: Planning, dissemination, control, coordination, information and selection of the host entity , information and selection of students , previous support and preparation of the stay , follow- on location , back support for the practice, valuation of the level of achievement of objectives , execution and technical and economic justification and all issues that may arise in the development of the program, including proposals for future improvement projects.2 - The beneficiaries of the program will be 18 young unemployed residents in Castilla -La Mancha and must compliment the requirements for the access to a professional certificate level 2.3 - Receiving Entity. AWO is one of the six most important institutions in Germany in the social and health sector ( It was founded in 1919. In Munich and Germany is actively present in virtually all branches of the social sector, such as “care for immigrants”, “family and youth”, “the Elderly”, “dependent and mental or physical disabilities”. Only in the city of Munich 2,300 workers engaged the attention of such sectors in different locations and with varied resources are there in the organization and on aggregate German state a total of 630,000 members who carry out such social action or work directly with the Entity.In the area of care and Elderly attention, the AWO have only in Munich 9 residential Centers, mobility equipment, direct care at home and centers and a totally of 5 Centers where the resources and the information will be provided. There is no way for “Qualif” to work with intermediary organizations. The exchanges will be conducted through 30 days stays, taking place in the period 4 April 2017 and 19 June 2017. Expected results at the end of the project will contribute to improve the personal and professional development of the Students, with the added value of having developed this experience in a multicultural environment.We believe that the dissemination of the project will have a strong impact on our environment because it is a small core of people with not many experiences like this. The broadcast will be focused in a notable improvement of employability and employment of the participants through the “ERASMUS +”program. The dissemination is done through social networks (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook), the website of the association, as well as articles in local, provincial and regional press. In this diffusion we will pay attention to what the participants give us as a feedback of the project.
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