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Practical Ecology II
Start date: Jun 17, 2014, End date: Oct 16, 2014 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project is a training-course, the title and main theme are « Practical Ecology II ». The topic is voluntarily vast, the formation will have a large field of applications and will take effect on diferent domains such as : agriculture (practicality, theory, position within Europe), food (what to consume, why, how, preparation of meals with local products and wild plants), diferents sources of alternatives energies (discovery of the daily use of Solafrika's system : biogaz, wood cookers, solar water-boiller...), waste treatment (politics about waste treatment and recycling in diferent countries in Europe), reducing individualy the quantity of waste (recycling, compost, dry toilets, recovery and revaluation of objects considered as « waste »...), ecological construction (advantages, costs, practical workshops...), transports (being able to move without polluting) and alternative actions developed in Europe in favour of the environment. The main objectives are : - to raise the awarness of young people to the importance of promoting a sustainable life style and respecting the environment, - to inform and transmit knowledges to the particpants so that they have the means to perpetrate actions and animations about the environment in their own associations, also to awake an ecological awarness to young europeens, in the Erasmus+ Program's frame, but also nationaly and localy, - to create situations in favour of thinking and debating about ecology, and using cooperation with people that have diferents life styles and diferents backgrounds, - to create a group dynamic propitious to thinking exchanging and discovering diferents cultures. To reach these objectives, four types of activities will be set : - theory demonstrations followed by questions and debates (example : viewing of short films showing environmental actions in diferents countries), - practical workshops, building and experimenting (example : earth and lime coating for wall applications), - daily life tasks carryed out by intercultural teams (example : preparation of meals with local products from the market), - daily writing of assesments in a technical booklet, so that the participants can promote and transmit the knowledges. The main impact we would like to observe is awareness from all the participants implicated in the project, about environment and society changes, and to ease citizenship implication, in practic, at work and in day to day life. At the end of the exchange, we want the participants to integrate the values we promote and to be able to apply them in daily life : simplicity, solidarity, cooperation, kindness towards our environment and ourselves. On an other hand, we would like them to leave with ideas about ecology that they can apply in their respective countries over Europe, and about European identity, environment, alternative energies, education of the working class and non-violent actions ; with also a real opening on others cultures, other languages and motivation to integrate a solidarity project and to create some themselves. The training course will last 10 days and take place on an old farm (in Ariège region) rented and maintened by the association. The set out, size and position of the site are convenient for activities about practical ecology (computers and multimedia for theory, and garden, workshops, tools and a large kitchen for the practical side). We have 6 partners from 6 diferent countries (Czech Republic, Slovenia, Estonia, Poland, Spain and Italie). There will be 3 participants frm each country, forming with our french team a mixed group of 24 persons. We will add to that 4 trainers from 2 diferent countries and 1 person in charge of the logistics and administration.
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