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Poznajemy dualny system kształcenia
Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 30 Nov 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Zespół Szkół Ponadgimnazjalnych in Czarnków for over 40 years has been one of the largest schools educating vocationally in the North region of Wielkopolska. The long-term plan of development of the school for 2012-2017 assumes introduction of innovative programmatic, organizational and methodical solutions. In response to the demand of the biggest employer in Czarnków, Steico company with German capital, the school started preparation to create a class for carpenters with the participation of this company in the dual education system. Our action is supported by Polish-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce - AHK Poland which assures the students of this class of professional examination on principles of the German model and receipt of the additional diploma of DIHK, given out by Polish-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce, increasing at the same time the chance of our graduating students at the European job market. Together with the representative of Steico company a school curriculum has been written for this class which will require the more distant evaluation. Therefore undergoing Job-Shadow in the biggest training centre in Mainz- educating in dual system -will increase the exact knowledge of this system of education, work out of programmatic records, tools to its evaluation and finally effect in a school guide of dual education. Preparing our teachers for the realization of the dual system of the vocational training is the main aim of this project. Another goal for our teachers’ competences is learning how to integrate pupils in the international environment, teaching them respect and tolerance for other cultures, faith and races and increase the linguistic competence. Our plan assumes 10 mobilities of the staff. Every leaving group of teachers will consist of 5 people and will be provided with the preparation pedagogic-cultural and linguistic which will be finished with preparing by participants the EUROPASS - LANGUAGE PASSPORT. This requirement is fulfilled by: the principal of the school - at the same time teacher training and the co-author of dual training programme as a carpenter coordinating with AHK Warsaw and Steico company; the leader of practical training, responsible for working with companies and implemented programs - at the same time, the vocational and German teacher, co-author of the teaching programmes of German, experienced in the implementation of the evaluation, the professional advisor; Methodological Advisor teacher employed at the school and the teacher of ICT competence Economist in the role of financial project assistant, experience design, vocational subjects teacher, teaching the class of carpenters.During their stay, the participants will learn about the mobility partner school dual education system, get acquainted with the documentation, including the school teaching plans; the methods and forms of implementation of the theoretical and practical classes, thanks to the observations of activities in school and visits in company they will learn about the rules for the implementation of the quality management system in the partner school; they will get to know the bases of the carrying out of professional examinations and the role of The Chamber of industry and commerce. They will also observe attitudes and the behavior of the teachers and of students in the range of integration and the co-operations of the students of different faith, races and cultures. After the return the draft of school training guide of dual education will be written and the teachers will be acquainted with main guidelines of the dual education system. Then questions or concerns will be collected and transmitted to the second leaving group of people. The second team during its mobility in March will, together with the school’s partner, verify the guide and get the answers to previously collected questions also through observation. Our school community will recognize the German dual education system, simultaneously region-Rhineland-Palatinate and establish contacts with the partner school in Mainz. Our team will be set up for the evaluation of the carpenters’ class. The drawn up guide of the dual education will be popularized, thanks to that it will be an inspiration for next schools in the process of implementing this education system.
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