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Start date: Feb 23, 2015, End date: Jun 22, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The proposed project has the following objectives: 1. to foster entrepreneurship spirit for the 46 participants with ages between 18 and 25 years old from Italy, Spain, Turkey and Bulgaria. During the 10 days of activities, the participants will experiment the technique of making origami objects. The objective will realize within the creation workshops, of the non formal education methods during the 10 days of activities. 2. promotion of the social inclusion, by including the 25 teens with diminished opportunities from rural area into our project with age between 18 and 25 years old. There will be 5 participants from each promoter, in order to facilitate the learning process and acquiring entrepreneurship competences for the teens from the rural areas, for answering their need of development in the rural area, where the possibilities are diminished. This will happen through the 10 days of activities. 3. combating the dropout and of the social inclusion for 10 teens of rroma ethnicity through non formal education methods developed during the 10 days of activities. They will integrate into the group of 46 participants. Through the non formal education methods and team work there will be eliminated the barriers of perception and their discrimination. 4. recognition of all the competences acquired by the 46 participant during the project, using a dual evaluation of the entrepreneurship competences (self evaluation and learning through experience), also by validation and uniform recognition in all the participant countries through Youthpass. 5. increased capacity of the 5 partner organisations to manage the employment phenomenon and discrimination among teens in the local communities, by transferring the know-how and good practices obtained during the mobility. Context: The project context has his roots in the economical crisis from Europe, which strikes the teens from Slatina, too. Also the segregation phenomenon in Olt County has reached an increase degree according to the Scholar Inspectorate Olt and the data from the Olt Prefecture Report. The main problems faced out by the 46 participants are: - the lack of courage in starting a business; - low knowledge about entrepreneurship; - rise degree of dropout; - the low income per capita among the families of the participants; - the teens faced the discrimination and social segregation; - their difficulties faced in adapting to the urban area and finding a job; - low level of knowledge regarding the non formal education. The project will have 46 participants from 5 European countries: Bulgaria Spain, Italy, Turkey and Romania. The age of participants is between 18 and 25 years old. From the rural areas there are 25 participants – 5 from each country, and 10 of rroma ethnicity. Those represent the group of teens with diminished opportunities. The main problems refer to the fact that they have geographical difficulties and financial problems. The project activities base on the non formal education methods. The project has many stages, each method applying to the development stage: - Knowledge stage: name games, knowing games, team building games, energizing games; - The community exploration stage: Village Rally, PhotoVoice, Village Quest; - The creation stage: workshops - The impact stage: PhotoVoice, Art Fair, FlashMob and meeting with local authorities - The evaluation stage: Initial Evaluation, Intermediary Evaluation and Final Evaluation The concrete results of the project: - 46 participants from 5 countries: Romania, Turkey, Italy, Bulgaria and Spain will acquire competences of communicating in a foreign language (English language), entrepreneurship competences, social competences and cultural competences – those will be recognized in Youthpass; - 50 teens from Voineasa will participate to the non formal education activities at: Art Fair, FlashMob and PhotoVoice; - all the 46 participants, the group leaders and the partner organizations will act like an multiplier factor in disseminating the project results through conferences and meetings that will be held in the project dissemination stage; - all the objects made by participants will be donated to the Placement centre from Slatina where are around 100 childrens; - the participant organizations will improve their organizational capacity, the relations between the promoters will strengthen and this project will be a starting point for future collaboration on the same theme. - the involve of Romanicriss NGO in this project will have a major impact of 10 roma youth and also in the future - the involve of 25 youth with few opportunities, who will improve their key competence useing nonformal education methods
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