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Povuci - potegni: sport za zajednicu (Push 'n' Pull)
Start date: Jun 17, 2014, End date: Feb 17, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

In the context of the role of young people in the EU , and especially the social position of young people in the different countries of the European Union , we meditated on the role of sport ( traditional and modern ) as a way of connecting young people and their empowerment . We have also considered how the young people with whom we share some common characteristics (peers , exclusion ) can be a significant part of their social activities organized through sporting activities through associations in rural areas such as associations participating in this exchange . Our goal is to involve young participants from different European countries in a range of sporting activities and workshops to help them through informal learning and strengthening key competencies of young motivated for further involvement in the community . For our project to have a multicultural dimension and the view from the perspective of young people who come from different backgrounds European countries, we gathered young people who want to gain new knowledge about young people from other rural communities and share their experiences with other participants in the exchange. The "Push'n'Pull: Sport For The Community" is conceived to be an exchange of young people from Croatia, Slovenia, Romania and other partner organizations to be held in Ozalj, a small town in the rural area of Karlovac County in July 2014. The project involves 26 participants and six leaders who will have the opportunity to learn about the culture and customs of the young people from different European countries through a variety of sports activities, workshops and visits to cultural events, and to develop key skills and competencies required for the active involvement of young people from rural communities in community life and improve the quality of life through non-formal and informal learning - strengthening the capacity of youth employment , connecting with urban centers and quality free time. Common to all these exchange partners is their commitment to the sport, which we recognized as the universal language of youth. We plan to engage young people in a dialogue that will contribute to their empowerment through the values of tolerance and understanding . The project is focused on promoting dialogue between young people from different backgrounds ( urban and rural ) through activities that young people find close to them, who have an affinity to empower themselves in the area of social inclusion of young people from rural communities, healthy lifestyles and promoting interpersonal relationships and international cooperation. The project involves participants and leaders who will have the opportunity to learn about the culture and customs of youth from different European countries through various sport activities, workshops and visit to a local cultural event. The exchange is focused on promoting dialogue between young people from different backgrounds through activities close to young people, with the aim of non-formal and informal learning of key competencies, empowering young people of rural areas and providing equal opportunities for them. "Push'n'Pull: Sport For The Community" represents a connection between modern and traditional sports, identifies the ways in which people in the past engaged in their community through sport. Identifying those ways in various European countries, young participants develop a sense of tolerance, cooperation and solidarity which gives them ways to learn how to improve their own rural area. During the exchange the participants will present and be presented with different sports, traditional and modern. They will also be presented with the traditional games that exist in this area. The very phrase which is the title of the project, "push'n'pull", is used in traditional games, but also represents a "healthy rivalry" that is an integral part of sport in general. We will also engage participants in a series of workshops during which they will exchange experiences and learn from each other , and through a variety of independent and guided activities. They will learn how to become active stakeholders in social change in their local communities . As sport is the universal language of communication among people since ancient times, this exchange will show how universality of sport can be used as a mobilization method in activities considering young people. This exchange will increase capacities of participants working in the community - through sports activities they will combat exclusion and reduce social tensions in their communities upon their return from the exchange . The impact of such conscious and trained young people in the local community will have a significant impact on improving the lives of young people in rural communities from which participants come . It will also result in greater awareness of the problems and difficulties faced by young people from rural areas.

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