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PoVolání k dospělosti
Start date: Feb 1, 2015, End date: Aug 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project involved 40 people, will be held in Prachatice and the surrounding area. The project will be implemented 11 days. Applied methods of work are associated with informal learning form the experience that features a profession and offer a selection of available job opportunities for elementary school pupils of the ninth grade. The chosen topic clearly reflects the objective of the project: a call to adulthood: young people from two European countries (Czech Republic 25 persons SR-10 people + 5 heads, a total of 40 people) in order to explore the profession, ie managers, specialists, technicians, officials, workers in the service and sales, craftsmen, fitters etc ... will be prepared for the journey to adulthood and another path in life. During the exchange wandered around the various professions are familiar with the content, knowledge and skills needed for the occupation, wages, job vacancies and other attractions or try out one day in this profession. The outcome of the exchange is a traveling exhibition depicting various occupations (together with photos and descriptions) for possible use in other countries or as an exhibition on various events (education and craft). The purpose of this project is the involvement of young people, trainees Youth Information Centre volunteers and the Volunteer Centre Prachatice, the development and implementation of the project. The project will be one of the forms of non-formal education of students and methodical management of our organization will help expand their options when they will be able to see the project from its foundations through implementation itself after its completion. According to the analysis of pupils and young people felt that study and the school itself does not give them the opportunity to virtually grab your ideas. It works with more theory and his work then you do not believe. The intention is to further facilitate international exchange of experience and information from different areas of social living (knowledge of cultural and social differences, the functioning of various schemes ...). Exploring traditional jobs young people realize that it is important to have at various occupations and jobs, without which the cycle did not work. The present project has several objectives that should be filled to its implementation. These include the following objectives: - Meetings of young people from different European countries in order to realize a common goal (getting to know the young people themselves, to establish cooperation with foreign organizations, knowledge of local structures, a common form of informal education learning profession and dedication to this important environmental step) - Promoting participation of young people in the activities and operations of the applicant organization (young people are directly exchange initiator, its theme and focus, choice of partners, program preparation and project activities) - Non-formal education (participants throughout the project will educate informally in various areas of social functioning - Learn to selected techniques, know the landscape of the Bohemian Forest, in dialogues and presentations of individual countries will broaden awareness and knowledge about partner countries) - Development of teamwork, skills, knowledge in different areas (using the prepared activities all participants will be able to directly try to acquire basic knowledge about the topic, engage in sub-teams with other participants in the exchanges, etc..) - Implementation, covering the occupation and profession topic of choice (participants will be able to prepare a traveling exhibition about occupations, described here, complete with photographs) Accompanying objective then is - Intercultural learning about the social, historical and cultural realities of the participating countries - Information services (transmission of information from different areas of human life, social environment) - Increasing the voluntary participation of young people (increase participation and participation of young people in public and charitable activities) This project is focused not only on education, but also education and healthy development of personality. In this period (adolescence, end of schooling) the child is very sensitive to the reaction to their appearance. In many occupations, however, figure in some way required eg. Butcher, fireman ... Also appearing fluctuations in its assessment, self-assessment prevails in the touchiness. Teens looking for meaning in their existence, seeks self-knowledge, defines their identity. That's why this project can help young people to recognize their inner world through the profession when they can identify with and employees, or even find your ideal where you would like to face your own life and find their identity.
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