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Повишаване качеството на обучение и мотивация за учене с цел плавен преход между начален и прогимназиален етап на образование
Start date: Jul 1, 2016, End date: Jun 30, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Improving the quality and effectiveness of school education is a key priority of The European Development Plan of D-r Ivan Seliminski School. Improving the quality of teaching English and Music at primary and secondary level of education, using innovative interactive methods as well as ICT, is associated with the school's mission for young people to be provided with skills required by the labor market.The basic project objectives are: 1)Improving the level of teachers' key competences and skills to offer quality training to adolescents to make school an attractive place for learning and emotional communication. To motivate students to learn and to express their talents.2)To increase support for promotion of mobility activities,to force the opportunities for professional and career development of the school staff. 3)To improve language competences of foreign language teachers and their creativity in the classroom.4)To enhance ICT in classes and extracurricular activities in English and Music. 5)To raise awareness of the target groups-students, teachers, parents and community about European Educational Programs. 6)To increase teachers' motivation and satisfaction of their responsibilities. 7)To raise the prestige of the school as an institution for young people education. 8)Inter-cultural communication with colleagues from other European countries- exchanging ideas and experience, sharing of good practices. To raise awareness of an European lifelong learning mission designed to complement policy reforms at national level and to support the modernization of education.Dr. Seliminski School staff, has voted four nominations for educational mobility. These are three English teachers and a Music teacher who have proved their own professional view on opportunities for our school to be more attractive for young people, offering them a quality education through the application of innovative methods and technologies in teaching. Teachers using Erasmus+ funds to attend qualification courses are selected by the school management team following a formal selection procedure. Promoting the study of languages and linguistic diversity is one of the specific objectives of the program. The lack of language skills is one of the main barriers to participation in European educational programs. The school staff is convinced of the importance of the cause that young generation should be encouraged to learn English from an early age and to develop their artistic talents. Along with language skills, children will develop their digital competences, to promote entrepreneurial flair, to be prepared for their place on the labor market in the future.Four teachers are chosen to represent the school in European mobility programs. Our choice is based on the way they work, proven over the years, their desire to qualify and improve their language, digital and leadership skills to become more confident in teaching, which will be beneficial for the students.Our school has researched various options and selects International Study Programs, as these courses will provide many new teaching ideas, skills and materials which can be used in our school to motivate pupils in class and to improve the quality of the English and Music teaching at school. The teaching ideas and materials acquired on the course will not only be used to enhance our own lessons, but will also be disseminated to our colleagues at a workshop which will be organized after the course, so that a large number of students will benefit. We've planned to organize creative workshops, foreign language teachers seminars, discussions. The goal is to spread the ideas of European co-operation, training and improving the quality of educational process now and in the future. Our choice is motivated by the experience of the institution in conducting training courses for teachers. It's also a great challenge for our colleagues to experience British education system and when the courses finish, to apply the most beneficial techniques to our school. Two teachers will attend "Language and Practical Methodology. Creativity in the Classroom" courses. The other one will participate in " Using Technologies for Teaching English". A course for Music teachers will be attended by our Music teacher. The programs of the courses offer various initiatives such as visiting lessons with an interactive whiteboard, electronic tests designing, workshops on teaching English as a foreign language, a variety of approaches and ideas for using technology to teach English will be introduced, exploiting and creating videos for learning, as well; Gloucester Music Academy visit, a variety of practical workshops on teaching Music. Qualification activities correspond to the priorities set out in the development school plan for offering quality education. We foresee various activities to disseminate ideas of the project, control over financial resources, analysis and evaluation the final results.

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