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Povezani v drugačnosti
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Primary school Pod goro Slovenske Konjice in addition to the regular elementary school programme also provides a programme NIS (lower educational standard) and programme PPVI (special education programme), where we raise and educate children and young people with very different deficits and disorders such as autism spectrum, attention disorders, intellectual disabilities, visually impaired children, children with speech and language disorders, children with physical disabilities , children with deficits in specific areas of learning, children with autistic disorders and children with emotional and behavioural disabilities who need special implementation of programmes of education with additional professional help or customized education programmes, educational programmes and special education programmes . Due to the principle of inclusion, more and more children with the above described problems are integrated in our regular elementary schools, and while the number of persons with autism is increasing, professional staff gains the knowledge of the areas mentioned only through the infrequent training and seminars performed in Slovenia. Since we would like to gain as many skills as possible and learn about examples of good practice we would like to gain this knowledge from " the best" - educational institutions, which have been using the methods and principles that have proved to be excellent for many years. Let me list just a few of them - TEACCH method (structure of time and space ... ), PECS (alternative communication), ABA method, VB method, the use of sensory rooms, ... Our long-term goal is to establish a centre for children with deficits in different areas where we would use modern and tested methods to enhance the quality of life of persons with disabilities, their families and the environment. The first step, which is already in the process of planning and fundraising, is the construction of special sensory room – Snoezelen, which has proven to be effective in many areas and with the project we would also like to gain a lot of examples of good practice in the use from the institutions, that have been using it in their educational process for a long time and have been achieving good results in their work. Together with our project partners we would like to create long-term cooperation, which would result as great knowledge base and the possibility of professional growth of our professional staff and, consequently, of the entire local and wider community. The project aims to achieve the following objectives: - building new strategic long-term partnerships - gaining new teaching methods in the field of autism and other disorders in the development of children and adolescents - adoption of best practices in the use of sensory (Snoezelen) room - new tools for teaching children with special needs - improved organization of teaching for children with special needs - improvement of knowledge of other staff through the good dissemination - new knowledge about the curricula abroad - improved quality of life of persons with disabilities , their families and the wider community - increasing employment opportunities for persons with disabilities - increased visibility of our institution in the education of persons with disabilities Within the project we would like to carry our nine mobilities – six in the area of education of persons with autism spectrum disorders and other disorders, that our professional staff encounter with in their daily educational process. Three professional staff would attend in-service training within the scope of sensory rooms, which we intend to build in our institution. After completing mobilities, the following effects are expected: - gaining the knowledge of new teaching methods in the field of autism and other disorders in the development of children and adolescents - TEACCH , PECS, ABA , VB - familiarization with new tools for teaching children with special needs - new knowledge in the field of pedagogy persons with disabilities - new knowledge on education systems in partner countries, with emphasis on the education of persons with disabilities - improvement of language competence - specific knowledge in the field of autism - improving ICT skills using modern technology - assimilating the knowledge of best practices in the use of sensory (Snoezelen) room.

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