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Poverty Awareness Amongst our Growing Roma Youth
Start date: Aug 1, 2012,

Our project on Poverty Awareness Amongst our Growing Roma Youth, is a 10 day Youth Exchange hosted by our organisation in Komrat Moldova. Our partner that will participate and help us achieve our goals are from Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Ukraine and Belarus all of which will send 6 young people to fully participate in the entire project, so our group of 36 young people from 6 countries will tackle the long term challenge Roma youth have been facing.The Eastern European region has undergone intensive political, economic and social transformations over the past decade. It has a shrinking and ageing Roma population with low levels of fertility, though some of the countries and sub-regions have higher levels of fertility and young Roma populations. The rapidly changing life styles of young Roma people and intensive labour migration increase the vulnerability of young Roma people to increased exclusion into local societies.Our projct is based on NON Formal education and relies heavily on the past work already done in other projects, with the T-Kits and SALTO Tool Box providing our methods and activities we will be using, like workshops, simulation activities, debates, brainstorming and presentations. Our Objectives are: - Increase active participation from Roma Youth.- Increase young Roma people imaginative and creative abilities.- Increase young Roma people’s willingness to exercise self direction and self control in the pursuit of objectives that they feel personally committed to.- To help young Roma people to understand their own Identity.- To help young Roma people to understand the obstacles they face, and define activates they can use to overcome the obstacles. - To help young Roma people gain the ability of empathy and listening to others.- To help young Roma people increase the awareness of themselves in relation to others.- To help young Roma people trust in a non-familiar environment.- To help young Roma people understand tolerance.

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