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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: Nov 30, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our basic school in Zilina is aimed at the languages and sports. We used our experiences from sports which is associated with a healthy lifestyle and we gave it to the international level. The international cooperation of partner organisations from Slovakia, Estonia, Germany and France has been taken fo four years. It is reciprocal exchange and the topic is changed constantly. There were 65 participants from four different European organisations. There were young people aged 13-19 years and leaders- volunteers who work with young people professionally. The goals of the project were met: 1st goal: young peole learnt about healthy lifestyle, nutrition, how eating affects our life postivitely or negatively and about sportsmen and their nutrition. 2nd goal: young people learnt through various acitivities in the project to better understand the issue of Racism in sports. By joining the sports club, officials, sportsmen and the public we gave the problem to the local level and by the extension of the discussions between the partner organisations to the international level. 3rd goal: young people learnt that the sport is an ideal way to accept all without distinction. 4th goal: young people learnt about the opportunity to work and realize in the field of sports and sporting activities in the future. Visiting the sport club, discussion with officials and sportsmen young people learnt about how the sport club works, professional life of sportsmen or they discussed if violence and racism affect football matches or other events. Participants of the project prepared various outputs through workshops in different ethnic groups. They used digital technologies for film editing, photo processing, preparing posters with that issue in digital form, or preparation of the theatre play. We worked at activities according to program of mobility. The communication language of participants in the project was English. Results: The participants of the project presented the outputs at the end of the mobility in public /about 50-60 people/ in the school area. They prepared the exhibition of the posters in the school. It was advertised at school from August 2015 to December 2015 and the parents and public could looked at it. It was recorded a short report about the project on the local television. The participants warned of violence at the stadium by visiting the football match MSK ZIlina - DAC Dunajska Streda at the football stadium in Zilina. Impact: Young people will spread ideas of the project in their country. They learnt to respect each other and to express their view in public. They learnt about multiculture of four countries in the project and they got information about living in European Union. They learnt about the life in the Football Club in Zilina, about the sportsmen life and about the violence at the stadiums. They broadended the problem of racism connecting the public in local and national level. Connecting four different international organisations and spreading the outputs of the project in the countries it gets the international level.
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