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Poultry manure valorization (Poul-AR)
Start date: 01 Oct 2014, End date: 31 Mar 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Poultry farming worldwide is among the largest sectors of animal husbandry for food production. As with other bio-farming activities poultry farming is associated with manure production. In contrast with other manure types poultry manure is very rich in nutrients as nitrogen & phosphorus and also in organic material. The project applies eco-innovative principles and technologies and thus opens a sustainable route to nutrient recovery and energy efficiency for poultry manure. The approach makes use of subsequent biological and physical treatment steps. The 1st step in the process consists of a biological ammonification step in which organic nitrogen is biologically converted into ammonia. A 2nd step removes the ammonia present in the broth via stripping with air. The ammonia is subsequently fixated with sulphuric or nitric acid as an ammonium salt (sulphate, nitrate) to produce the desired fertilizer. The residual organic fraction of the manure can now be readily digested afterwards, to produce biogas which in turn can be used as a source of heat or electricity.The project proposes an integrated biological approach for the pre-treatment and valorisation of poultry manure. The liberation and fixation of nitrogen as nutrient is optimized and the product consists of a valuable ammonium salt directly applicable as fertilizer. The residue of the de-ammonification allows for a variety of post treatment methods. As a spinoff, additional amounts of valuable nutrients can be liberated and efficient bioconversion of the organic fraction comes within reach, adding to the potential of the business case. Meanwhile there is a significant environmental gain as the emission of ammonia into the atmosphere associated with current practices is completely prevented, which is especially beneficial for vulnerable and sensitive areas and water bodies. Up to 11.25 kg ammonia per ton poultry manure are released into the atmosphere when raw poultry manure is used for land fertilization.
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