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" Potansiyel Bir İstihdam Alanı: Geriatri "
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our project is based on the Old People Care which is called GeriatricNursery. Starting from the name we aim to raise the quantity of the employment . For our participants are in the field of health we more often stress the geriatric branch . The geriatric nursery is a special branch. it is especially important for the 65 years old and more. The aging of people at the end of their lifetime palliatively makes it more important. the application of the project is based on that. the whole activities are on the way of that. All in all there is a framework on geriatric nursery which is about to develop in our country and the applications are served as that way. the project serves as the background on health and peace of 2014-2020 Erasmus+ programme. The problems of The rapidly aging population of Europe will even be difficult for humanity ,too.The project will be useful for European economy for long term, too. The project which will cause a healthier generation and a less costly situation aims for health and peace as stated before. the project also serves for the background of the programme in the view of research,innovation,social interaction, intercultural dialogue. The project will be applied as the methods and technics we have already mentined below: 1- Preparation of the geriatric patients , taking precautions of the risk that can occur during the operation , gaining the special skills for care after the operations. 2- infroming the patients and their relatives ,and providing the skills of relieving their worries . 3- encouraging and supporting the relatives of patients to care them in their remission time , gaining the care skill to the people. 4-supporting the patients on complying with the work environment at home and in society and accepting the body he/she has. 5- There were processes on Psychological support to the patient and the relatives , and the early diagnosis of the psychiatric problems 6-the forms to help them solving their problems and giving suggestions to continue thier daily lives periodically have been identified. 7- there has been an easy adaptation on keeping the records and reseaching clinically 8- they have educations on observing the technics for the coming problems , learning them and applying 9- introducing the skills and the information that they gained in our country to the other countries , contributedan intercultural exchange through information and culture share and developed the friendship. 10- there has been a self confidence on gaining and using the skills and information ,vocational and personal development and employment . 11- developing the communication skills through observing the personnel in the host country. 12- through developing project , following the innovation ideas raising the rate ofthe students who have innovative spirits. 13- Supporting life-long learning 14-Transferring the beneficial information that have been gained through observation and application , raising the quality personnel to serve the health and peace fields of Erasmus+ programme using the Europe's geographical and social sources. 15-Working on the participating students who have economical deficiencies and disadvategous groups 16- Helping gain critical and creative thinking , entrepreneurship ,research and questioning and solving problems There are 60 participants totally in our project andthere are 3 accompanying teachers. There are 46 women and 14 men participants. As stated in the application form , the positive discrimination has been applied and 33 of them are geographicallly and 27 are both geographically and economically disadvantageous. For the project activities there were 3 different mobilities in 2 different dates. Firstly Gümüşhacıköy Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School went to Rescue Nederland and at the same date Osmancık Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School went to Stredni Skola .Between 24th april and 14th may 2016 , the project owner organisation , Boyabat İbni Sina Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School completed the training in Pelicano , Italy.
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