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Possibilities - The social economy innovation marketing toolbox
Start date: Nov 1, 2012,

A growing shortage of jobs in Europe makes the possibilities of developing new jobs in the social economy sector more relevant than ever. In LLP, as well as in many other policies driven actions, there have been good attempts to stimulate the sector by providing training material about the possibilities of the sector. However, most of the training material is aimed at multipliers. In InoTool the idea is to repack the existing material making it usable for the average union member for self studies or use after a 30 minutes introduction by training responsible at shop floor level .InoTool is a User Centered Design and Possibilities Marketing project. The material will be developed in continues dialog with the customers. Most of the material will be a database with social enterprise success cases, broadly collected but localized to the different partner countries. The cases will be easily retrieved by free search and by categories proposed by the customers. The database will be complemented by a small training package for the training responsible in the unions - how to market and how to piggy back on other information occasions and the like – and a short introduction to the social economy and its possibilities for them and the union members, localized to the partner countries. To profit from today’s Internet habits there will be a meeting place on the net – for peer learning and exchange of ideas and partner finding for multi actors project at different levels.InoTool will accelerate the spread of the knowledge of the possibilities by using the communication structure of the European labour unions as a carrier, legitimizer and supporter of the message. Profiting from the strong partnership, containing The European Trade Union Confederation and union associations in IRL, IT, SP, PT, SE, SB, HU and an organizations connected to regional political systems. The project will reach 60 million union members in Europe. InoTool will be free on the net .
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