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Pos matome Griko
Start date: Jan 1, 2011,

Griko is the language spoken in Southern Italy, in the areas of Calabria and Puglia and was "discovered" at the end of the 19th century. The language is considered to be the evolution of the greek language that was spoken by the first Greeks in Italy, almost 3.000 years ago. Even though Griko is taught in the primary and secondary schools of these areas, the teaching material is not always adequate. Moreover, people at the age of 20-60 have no real chance of practicing the language. The lack of up to date teaching material, interest of the young people and chances to speak and practice the language are considered to be the main dangers for the language. In addition, the connections of Griko with the Greek language (modern and ancient), Italian and Latin have not been thoroughly used as a basis for the teaching of the language.The aim of the project is the dissemination of Griko, the development of curriculum for the teaching of Griko, both for children and adults (for six levels, according to the European Framework for Languages) and the development of pilot educational material, both in printed and electronic form (36 educational units, of which 18 will be for children (levels A1 - A2) and 18 for adults (levels B1- B2). In addition a website and an e-learning platform will be developed (in Italian, Griko, Greek and English), in order to enforce the dissemination and enrich the electronic content. The proposal addresses the promotion of linguistic diversity, as it is expressed by a unique language, which is -moreover- in danger of extinction.
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