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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our CONTEXT is greatly influenced by the increasing number of exchanges across the border between the territories of Western Andalusia and the Portuguese Algarve and Alentejo, which causes those Spanish regions that hold ties with our neighbouring country to foster the study of the Portuguese language. Having been participating in the "José Saramago" programme over the last five years, and due to the rise in demand of portuguese training from our students, in the next few years we plan to assign more staff of the Departments of Spanish Language and Literature and English language to the teaching of Portuguese as a Foreign Language, for which they require specialized linguistic training. We have also pinpointed additional needs in the area of ICT use, and particularly so in their role as teaching tools for foreign languases. Because of the constant development of new digital applications, and because our students are digital natives, as educators we need to make a special effort to overcome the digital and generational gap, utilizing those same tools to deliver our teaching and to support the learning process. As for our organisational and managing style, we intend to promote the internationalization of our school , supporting the tearchers' and students' awareness and exercise of the rights and duties to which the European citizenship is entitled. This way, our students will value, debate about and incorporate those values, appreciate the benefits of being part of the European Union and prepare for their own future as active members of the European society. Consequently, the mobility activities envisioned by our project PortuTIC seek the attainment of the competencies pertaining to the three fields identified in our needs analysis: 1. LINGUISTIC AND DIDACTIC COMPETENCES: Fundamentally through 3 structured courses in Portugal to master the portuguese language and improve the teaching skills of Portuguese as a Second Language. 2. METHODOLOGICAL COMPETENCES: Delivered through 2 structured courses in Ireland, whose aim include maximazing the participants use of ICT to acquire a higher level of motivation, cooperation and learning from the students, as well as having our teachers become trailblazers of educational technology. 3. ATTITUDINAL COMPETENCES: Their acquisition will underpin the entire project, throughout a myriad of informal learning opportunities, but also through 1 structured course in Finland, whose target is for the teaching staff to encourage and guide our students to become intercultural speakers. The extent of the foreseen IMPACT by our project will affect all our interest groups: - Impact on the academic community, boosting the quality of our study programmes. The biggest quality leaps will be experienced by the Portuguese as a Foreing Language courses and across the curriculum following the implementation of innovative ICT tools. - Impact on our institution, achieving a higher degree of internalization and recognition of our school, as well as triggering sinergies with schools set in the Portuguese region of the Algarve. - Impact within the classroom, due to the improved educational approach and the use of innovative methodologies, which will positively affect the students' performance in standardized tests and their academic results. - Impact on the participants, both the ones attending the training abroad and those participating in the multiplier events; the impact will undoubtedly result in lifelong learning commitments and the improvement of their teaching practice. - Impact on our target audience, strengthening their development and widening their expectations of future social and profesional success.

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