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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project represents a further stage in the development of our Association staff's skills. In the periods of 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 the project promoter implemented projects within the frameworks of Leonardo da Vinci and Erasmus + programmes which aimed to provide support for 61 football coaches from Poland. There is an approving and even enthusiastic feedback regarding the projects from participants and from the whole football environment, clubs, Lower Silesian Football Association, other regional football associations, as well as the Polish Football Association. Our projects are also very much appreciated by the Foundation for the Development of the Education System. Project maintainers from the Foundation believe that we organize and run our projects in an exemplary way and what we are planning in our projects: objectives, rules, recruitment system, preparation for the participation in internships, job shadowing process, accommodation, catering, all this is done in 100%. Monitoring visit paid by the Foundation (which occurred a 02.03.2015), regarding the project "Coach skills tailored for SL Benfica", ran excellently. The success of the two previous projects is a driving force for the next project which will enhance the knowledge and skills of our staff to the next level. The previous two projects gave us a very broad spectrum of knowledge about football training in Portugal (it was a knowledge including many areas, such as organization, medicine, psychology, scouting, working with goalkeepers, collaboration with school, organization of the whole club, including the operation of TV Benfica, club museum, etc.). In the present project we would like to focus on two aspects and get to know them in depth, going into real details: the first one is Coerver Coaching - a specialized training system focused mainly on the development of individual skills of the players and playing in small groups. The second aspect includes the rules and functioning of the Benfica Soccer Schools - a network of more than 30 schools operating across Portugal and working with the youngest children (from 4 to 12 years of age). That is where begins the process of searching and training those who will be recruited in future by the Academy of SLB. We would like to implement this model in Poland in the following years (this is due to our European Development Strategy) and this is why it is so important to know in details how it works in Portugal. In view of the above, a priority in our staff education for the season of 2015/2016 is the realization of activities within the framework of the job shadowing according to the best European standards as one of statutory tasks, as well as obtaining required funds. The target group includes 38 people [2 women and 36 men], i.e. a staff responsible for education and vocational training in the Association Center for Discovering of Young Talents 2012 which, on its own initiative, wants to expand its professional competences through participation in vocational training, i.e. foreign internships such as job shadowing, learning about individual championship methods as well as organizational and management skills. In accordance with the Erasmus+, the main objective of this project is to raise the level of competences of 38 employees responsible for vocational education and training in our organization, by participating in foreign observation activities in Portugal. Specific objectives: - learning/developing effective [master] coaching methods by attending internships such as job shadowing - learning effective [master] methods of functioning in sports environment in terms of managerial skills - developing international dialogue between non-governmental organization working for the development of football in the region, promoting health and physical education with a large foreign sports club and coaches through the organization of pioneering methods of development coaching competence in the region - developing linguistic competence in English and Portuguese - increasing knowledge about the habits in the country of the Host Institution [cultural preparation]. The implementation of the project will only have a positive impact on the current market of sports personnel at local, regional and national levels, increasing the prestige of the young and dynamical organization COMT2012 established in the rural areas, will increase the number of highly skilled coaches on the domestic market and will enable the creation of stronger relationships between clubs and sports organizations [project participants are part of our Association but they also work in sports clubs, secondary schools and sports schools which focus on football]. At international level the project will bring about further development of cooperation between organizations having different prestige, different mentalities and traditions - mutual exchange of information [increase of partner organizations' cultural, geographical and social awareness].

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