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Polski uczeń, hiszpański staż
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

34 students from 2nd year vocational training classes at Technical Schools of Catering and Hotel Industry in Gdańsk, Poland will take part in a mobility project. The students will be recruited from the following specialities: hotel technician (10 students), technician of nutrition and organization of gastronomy services (16 students), waiter (4 students) and cook (4 students). They will participate in traineeship arranged in hotels and restaurants in Spain (Granada, Andalucia) of different sizes and offers. The students will be organized in 2 groups of 17 students. Each group will be accompanied by two school teachers. The length of internship - 4 weeks, one group in May 2016, another group in June 2016. The project was prepared in response to the apparent need to improve and expand vocational qualifications and gain mobility on the labour market required from school leaving students which could be achieved in the course of training in a country belonging to the European Commonwealth. It is also to decrease the number of unemployment and drop-outs rate in EU. Students with no professional experience have little chances of finding decent employement according to received school training and satisfy the local labour market with highly and widely qualified employees. With this aim the project perfectly suits the aims of the EU's growth strategy for the coming decade "Europe 2020". The projects also reflects the need for young adults to increase sense of initiative and entrepreneurship, openness, flexibility, increase self-esteem and self-empowerment and improve foreign language permormance. The project will prevent our students to be excluded from the local labour market as well as it applies to one of the EU politics which is mobility on the labour market. Our students need to know technology of dish production, customer service work organization both in hotel and gastronomy industry in other EU countries, not only in Poland. Therefore the aim of the project is to support our students in their mobility on the labur market, help them gain new professional skills, aquire basic knowlege of another European language, learn methods of work organization in workplaces, as well as culture and traditions of the host country. The training program emphasizes acquiring new professional skills, personal development, teamwork and proper relationship with the customer. The project aim is also the growth of the school European scope due to better cooperation with foreign institutions, the growth of the school range in local environment and importance of vocational training as well as chances for better cooperation between the school and local business. We expect the project will bring for our students better chances for finding employment and language competence. The students will increase their initiative, motivation for learning and imroving their academic record, will continue developing professional and interpersonal skills and enhance international and intercultural awareness. The students will aquire practical professional and language skills, their self-esteem will increase and mobility will be acknowledged by the Europass Mobility and other certificates and references. The school will gain more interest in local environment both among those interested in vocational training and among local education authorities and management due to high quality and attractive training offer. It will be also an opportunity to get more experience in cooperating with foreign partners. The project assumes numerous activities leading to disseminations and exploitations of the results: ariticles on the Internet buisness branch portals, use of YouTube, social networking websites, aquired skllils presentations in the school and out of the school. In European range the project will enhance students' employability and improve their career prospects and motivate them to learn foreign languages. It will influnce their international snesitivity, ablility to adopt to working and living conditions in a foreign country. Since the students will receive theEuropass Mobility the project will contribute to transparency and acknowledgement aquired professional skills in European countries. The project follows the recommendations prepared by the European Commission for Poland included in the documnet "Europe 2020" as it will cover activities to lower unemploymnet rate among young people in the course of adjusting education to needs of the labour market as well as improving cooperation between schools and business. The project will increase the quality of human resources and acknowledge status of vocational training. The group of 34 students will be better prepared skillful professionals on the local labour market who will influence other employees and want to put a great contribution to their companies.
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