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Pollution! Find a STEM sollution!
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Pollution! Find a STEM solution! is a two year long cross-curricular project that grew out of indentified need for further development of STEM and ICT skills. Pisa 2012 results make evident that students’ knowledge is poor and motivation for math and similar subjects is low. Implying priorities of European Commission, like e-learning, will raise motivation and also develop basic skills and improve knowledge in science, math, physic and ICT. Main objectives are to increase students’ interest in STEM education and careers and introduce them to all available new trends in technology, engineering and science in their region by visiting clean technology industries and strengthening links with them. It will introduce some future digital jobs and prepare students for rapid technological changes by integrating more ICT into classroom practice. Furthermore, the project highlights the importance of solving global environmental issues and improves the knowledge in the areas of sustainable development and renewable energy. It develops collaborative partnership between schools and the wider community in formal, non-formal and informal learning. In addition, it supports multilingualism by publishing Open Educational Resources in 8 different languages . The project brings together 231 teachers and 2729 students from five different European countries (Czech, Poland, Spain, France and Croatia) in learning to think globally and work on activities that contribute to the community’s well-being. There are altogether 34 activities, divided in 4 categories. STEM ACTIVITIES are focused on building the devices for measuring air, light and noise pollution in students’ schools and homes, analyzing the data using the scientific method and comparing the results with their peers to find a solution. E-SKILLS, DIGITAL LITERACY and DIGITAL JOBS are focused on introducing career opportunities in STEM and ICT, meetings with scientist and engineers, developing 21st century skills and e-skills in order for students to be more employable in the future. During the digital months the aim is that students from each school included in the project choose one Web 2.0 tool that is very useful to them and present it to their peers in other countries on eTwinning. Through CLEAN TEHNOLOGY and CLEAN ENERGY activities students will build model windmills and solar collectors and visit at least 3 different clean technology and engineering facilities. RAISING CULTURAL AWARENESS AND EUROPEAN DIMENSION will be achieved through collaboration and communication. Collaborative design tools for making future classroom scenarios such as EDUKATA PROCESS and using FLIPPED CLASSROOM SCENARIO will be used in some activities to produce OER. As partnership product, they will foster the quality of educational outcomes but also aims to support long-term effects on the participating schools and participants involved. We hope to motivate students to take sustainable actions to increase air and light quality at schools for themselves and future generations. To perform tasks we will mainly rely on numerous Web 2.0 tools and Twin space communication platform. eTwinning will be used for collaborative learning and natural use of English (CLIL) when we are discussing and sharing our work. It will arouse sense of initiative and entrepreneurship, cultural awareness among students and teachers. A pedagogy we use encourages creativity, vision, cooperation and collaboration in every student and teacher. Project-based, child-directed learning and also peer- learning methods are used in the project. We hope that our project will have long term benefits. In addition, we will develop Open Educational Resources and they will be available for download. It will be new and beneficial experience for us all to learn how to be a part of multicultural team. We hope that fruitful cooperation of the above mentioned schools will continue in the future.
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