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Policy for Educator Evidence in Portfolios
Start date: Mar 1, 2012,

A Commission Report (2007) calls for common EU qualification principles to improve teaching and learning. Present systems are ill equipped to meet global challenges, lacking coherence and continuity between initial professional education and continuing development with weak links to research and workplace needs. Given demands on teachers/trainers and the range of knowledge and skills required, well-qualified, lifelong learners must be produced through a consistent assessment, appraisal and re-validation policy. A portfolio of formal, non-formal and informal evidence, presents a reflective, coherent, continuous narrative of life-long, professional progress to act as a EU mobility Passport for educational professionals, replacing existing, unreliable, piecemeal, tick-box assessments.A strategy will be researched, developed and evaluated trans-nationally in 5 work packages involving all education stakeholders. Lobbying at a higher policy level with those licensing, assessing and employing educators will take place via meetings, conferences and seminars, disseminating results across the EU, supported and sustained by a Web site. The portfolio will have a flexible structure, based on EU professional standards , with systematic validation of non-formal and informal learning not presently widely attempted. It assists partnerships between education, training and employment, allowing access to a comprehensive, continuous log of personal achievements. Partners represent a range of education/training systems for maximum impact and credibility. The outcome is a policy for a professional recording system, in line with policies for common professional competencies, that recognizes both formal and informal learning to enhance quality teaching, encourage reflective personal development and facilitate professional mobility to share and improve practice. COM(2007) 392 Improving the Quality of Teacher Education

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