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Pokukam drugam, da kaj novega spoznam
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"Peek-a-Boo, to learn something new" Vrtec Jesenice (Kindergarten Jesenice) is a public kindergarten, which includes over 640 preschool children, from 11 months to their primary school transition (usually at the age of 6). Our aim is to provide optimal incentives for children's development and learning, as well as empower parents for encouraging and emphatic parenting. At our pedagogical work, we focus on competent pedagogical strategies, as well as designing supportive learning environment for children's development. Social environment gives us plenty of challenges, especially because the Municipality of Jesenice has one of the highest shares of inhabitants of different nationalities, religions and cultures. The multicultural diversity is already well recognized in kindergarten. Some children are first introduced with Slovene language and Slovene culture, when they enter kindergarten. This is also the main reason that we want to share »peek-a-boo« to other kindergartens, »learn something new« and live the value of multiculturality, together with children and parents. Our kindergarten has already participated in few international projects. In one of them, we established contacts with a Lithuanian kindergarten, in which learning of foreign language is included in everyday pedagogical praxis. Also, we made contact with bilingual kindergarten in Austria, where their pedagogical process involves learning of German and Slovenian language. We believe valuable experiences and practices in these kindergartens, obtained by job shadowing, will enhance the quality of our work. The goals of our project, titled »Peek-a-Boo, to learn something new« are: • to enhance competences of kindergarten staff with the focus on creating strategies to work with children and families from different language and cultural backgrounds; • To gain new knowledge and experiences, in order to learn new methods and forms of work with focus on early foreign language acquisition and gaining language competences; • To create learning environment, which supports children's language development; • To position our kindergarten among institutions that co-operate on the European transnational level. Job shadowings will be carried out by three employees, including two kindergarden teachers of preschool children and one kindergarten teacher assistant. All three participants have experiences with the international projects and they were chosen for their pro-activeness, openness towards new experience and the willingness to share the new knowledge then among the colleagues. Teaching mobility of the participants will be documented on the basis of evaluation of the pedagogic work, reflective diaries participants will keep and the systematic observations of the learning environment in the hosting kindergartens. For the preparation, follow-up, dissemination and evaluation of the results the participants are going to be supported by their primary institution’s project team. We believe that the new competences will be shared in the everyday work through the following channels and activities: - By introducing the new strategies in the groups of kindergarten; - By caring out the internal seminars for other professional workers in the kindergarten; - By preparing the strategy for the work with the children and families from different language and cultural backgrounds, which is to be used by the kindergarten workers; - By publishing the findings in the professional journals and participating at the conferences inside the region and the country. We wish that our insight into the work of kindergartens, that already have similar experiences, would help us even improve the status as an open kindergarten, tailored by the needs of children, parents and the employees.

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