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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The aim of the project is to develop the internationalisation of the staff and students of The Vocational Education Institute of Northern Central Finland (later abbreviation POKE, Pohjoisen Keski-Suomen ammattiopisto). POKE has had internationalisation projects for years but they have mainly been implemented and managed by different fields and facilities on their own. Now we want to develop a model for internationalisation which will be used throughout the whole organisation, in all of our fields and then developed the model further in the future. The main objective of the projects is to develop staff and student abilities in internationalisation, language skills, intercultural skills and co-operation skills. The participants include 27 staff members and 67 students. The activities are carefully planned in order to be more attainable for all interested staff members and students. After the mobility we can Our project consists of staff mobility and student mobility. Staff mobility activities include training courses, networking events and on-the-job learning and study visits at different institutions. Staff members have the opportunity to update their vocational skills and create and maintain their networks in Europe. Student mobility consists of on-the-job learning periods. These activities increase their customer service skills which can also be used back in Finland. Therefore the mobility will enhance their employability. They also develop their language and communication skills and gain experience of working in multicultural environment. Students also learn tolearance and become more independent. This project makes the international world more visible and reachable for our students and staff. Internationalisation will become an important part of every day lives in our institution. Mobility activities are available in all fields of study. The teaching staff gains more knowledge, develop their language skills and cultural competence. Their knowledge will be taken to every student they teach and therefore the impact of the mobility activities will reach every students, even those who don't participate in VET mobility themselves. This activity is called internationalisation at home institution and it is available for all of our students. The students gain valuable skills which enhances their employability. One of the long term benefits include organisational development. POKE will implement and develop its internationalisation strategy iorking as an active vocational institution in its area in central Finland also in the future.
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