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Points of YOUth-under construction
Start date: May 1, 2016, End date: Jan 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Who am I, what defines me, how much can I be autonomous? In times of Social Media, smartphones, Human rights violences, mass media, … we often do not know whats wrong what is right, and especially when it is about: “What should I do where is my place in society, what would I like to do what I am interested in?”, many people and mainly youngsters are hetereonormous. Easily said: someone else decides for them. A healthy and increased self-esteem has a big impact during Youngsters age due to the fact that good relationships and the true calling for a profession are based on a good self-esteem and an autonomous acting which leads to a gereat life-work balance.However, I hope we agree it´s the best true if they are self-secure and autonomous, so they are able to decide and stand up for themselves. To decide what´s right what´s wrong for themselves and to find their own place in society.Recalling that we a a common Europe should also wor together to gie young people the place they need and want.During two weeks we create a secure environment for the youngsters and ourselves to take a look backstage, behind ruling topics of the society likewise Social Media, Human Rights and Ethics, Alimentation and Addiction, as well as societies stereotypes and Gender Roles. Throgh non-formal workshops we critisise, question and turn all these themes a little bit upside down. To get a good output we close these days with so called "action" groups in which the participants get the opportunity to implement the new dates into something practical in a sustainable way.We strengthen the curiosity of the Youngsters for something new for the big great world outside and take ther fears and turn them into strenght and drive. To have a good balance we have outdoor days, full of team building and relaxing. Finally they do not have to hide behind facebook or twitter, there is a big world outside full of new information and people and together we will start to explore it together. We live in a fast paced world and if someone stumbles we show them how to slow down and to get up again. We find the self esteem of the Youngsters and give it back to them.
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