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Archive of European Projects

Podpora výuky anglického jazyka v ZŠ Seč
Start date: 01 Aug 2014, End date: 31 Jul 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Project focuses on the support of English language at Primary school in Seč with a main target to strengthen language skills of teachers and improve their methodological base to be able to attract their pupils to learn and use English. To implement this plan 6 teachers of our school (from elementary and junior level) were sent within two years on English language and methodology courses to Great Britain. The participants of British courses had to implement the obtained knowledge on the courses into their pedagogical approach during their teaching and they had to share new knowledge and experience with their colleagues via PP presentations or via interactive lessons. It is important that those 6 teachers participated on two weeks courses in The UK and that the participants on the courses in Britain were teachers of various teaching qualifications (teachers of elementary school, teachers of English, Physics, Craft, ICT and Art). Two courses were focused on CLIL methods, two courses were focused on improvement of general English and two teachers participated in courses focused on creative teaching of English in the primary school. All the participants’ reports show that courses were lead by highly educated and experienced teachers and that the courses were very good organized both from the point of organization and from the point of content. Both of schools International Projects Centre Ltd Exeter and Lake School of English Oxford we can recommend to other teachers because our participants use the knowledge and experience gained in the UK in their everyday teachers’ life. Thanks to this project our teachers at elementary level school are able to involve short activities in English from the first grade up to class five. Teachers who have not English as a priority subject but who have other qualifications use CLIL methods during teaching Maths, Physics, Craft etc. in the second level of Primary school and thanks to the courses in the UK, English teachers refreshed their teaching methods and now they use new creative approach and teaching materials they learnt and gained during their project studies in the UK. Apart of teaching improvement with using new knowledge it is also positive for our school that we noticed pupils’ increased interest in studying English over common lessons. One of the participants of courses in the UK prepares students of our school for international Cambridge exams (level A2 KET and Level B1 of European framework). Next long-term benefit of this project is that our non English teachers are interested in continuance of studying English with a target to improve their skills which could help our school to be involved in international cooperation of primary schools in Europe. Enter into partnership with other European schools via programmes Erasmus+ we will find as a natural way of long – term benefit of this project.
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