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Podnoszenie jakości nauczania w zakresie edukacji wczesnoszkolnej i udoskonalenie warsztatu pracy nauczyciela poprzez czerpanie z wiedzy, doświadczenia i metod pracy innych systemów edukacyjnych w Unii Europejskiej.
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The purpose of the project is to rise the quality of teaching children and to improve the teaching skills thanks to observing and learning from the knowledge, experience and the methods used in other European educational systems. A group of 19 teachers is going to participate in the project. The Cluster of Shools in Pietrzykowice is a rural school. A group of pupils in the school are so called "euro - orphans", a number of the parents are unemployed while teachers are far away from the academic centres. Therefore, our school is searching for innovative ways of imroving its education for the sake of the pupils. After the educational reform, we are facing a new challange - the education of 5 and 6 year olds. Coping with young children requires an adequate approach. Our teaching staff is experiencing some difficulties with that. We need new forms and methods of work. English teachers are not prepared to work with children. Moreover, they have limited contact with the real language, they do not go abroad, which prevents them from improving their accent, developing their speaking skills. The teachers of other subjects are not fluent in foreign languages, either. It impedes them from using modern technology (eTwinning, the internet), exchanging experiences and reaching the European level. They are not prepared to travel abroad. What is more, teachers are reluctant to use the ICT. We would like to educate our pupils as Europeans. We are searching for new solutions in this respect. The actions of this project are addressed to the English teachers and the teachers who teach other subjects to the children, from the kindergarten to the primary school. The implementation of this project is another step of our teachers towards the professional development. In order to prepare themselves for the mobility, the participants are going to improve their language skills, learn about the eduaction, culture and history of Ireland and Great Britain. During the mobility, we are going to learn new forms & methods of work. We are going to observe how ICT is used in practise and improve our language skills. In addition, we are going to share our experience with the teachers from our partner school. After our return, we are going to improve our teaching skills and share our experiences with other teachers and parents of our region. Our teachers are not going to be afraid of ICT any more. The contacts with other EU countries are going to give our school the European dimension. We are planning to organize 2 mobilities: A1. Four English teachers are going to attend teaching young children methodology course in SWAN Training Institute in Dublin from 14 - 21.02.2016, which is our winter break. We are going to learn how to teach 5 to 10 year olds and how teachers from other countries (present at the course) deal with that. We are going to improve our language skills through immersion. We are going to establish contact with different foreign teacher and use eTwinning for our actions. A2. Fifteen teachers - working with 5 to 8 year olds - are going to visit our partner school - Malmesbury Primary School in London, during our holidays from 26.06.2016 to 3.07.2016 . During our job shadowing, we are going to learn how the school is organized, supervised. We are going to see the layout of the building, the equipment in the classrooms, the timetable. We are going to have meetings with the partner teachers, shadow their classes, learn about the ways of motivating, methods and forms used by them while teaching, learn about the procedures used to solve pupils' problems with learing, behaviour, developmental & social deficits. We are going to return more creative, rich in new professional skills and ready to use attractive forms and methods. We are going to come back with improved language skills and open for other cultures. We are going to develop new lesson conspects and programmes for working with 5 year olds, new proceures how to solve pupils' problems - it will be a new educational offer. Our pupils will have contact with the foreign pupils through eTwinning. Our Partner school is going to learn about life in Poland and understand the problems of the Polish immigrants. The teachers of the young children form our region are going to learn about the project: its implementation and results at the meetings. They are going to receive lesson conspects, the description of methods and forms of work . All the materials created by the project participants are going to be circulated among other teachers. During meetings with parents we are going to present new forms and methods of work with children, the ways of dealing with difficulties, the ways of contacting other pupils through eTwinning, new educational offer. Other bodies that are going to take adventage of our mobilities are Methodology Centres, the Board of Education, Teacher Training Colleges - they are going to receive materials such as lesson plans, descriptions of methods, etc.

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