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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Secondary School Zagorje (SSZ) is located Zasavje region, an area which is unfortunately socially and economically weak. In terms of size SSZ may be found among the medium-sized schools. However, in terms of the variety, it is among the schools that offer a wide range of educational programs for students. Our students can move from lower levels of education to a higher level. SSZ educates students from the short-term vocational education, vocational secondary education, vocational technical education and technical secondary education. We offer a wide range of educational programs: Assistant in biotechnology and care, Hospitality and Gastronomy, Gastronomy and Catering, Commerce, Economics and Nursing. SSZ is applying for student and staff mobility for the first time, despite a long and vast experience in international projects and international cooperation. We believe that by being a part of Erasmus+ gives us a unique opportunity to offer our students practical job training abroad. Hospitality and Gastronomy students go through a 5-week vocational training in their 1st year. In their 2nd year the training lasts for 6 weeks and in 3rd the training takes half of academic year, more specifically it covers 18 weeks. Nursing students go through their training in their 3rd and in their 4th year and the training lasts for 4 weeks each year. The training is organised within Zasavje region and outside the region. The opportunity to provide vocational training abroad offers a new dimension of work experience in an international environment, but it also provides our students with contact with a new culture, habits, customs of the host country, learning a new language skills, acquiring of new and different professional competences. It also gives them a chance to expand their horizon and acknowledge that in the 21st century the world does not end at the borders of their homeland. Participating teachers and staff will gain insight into foreign approaches and implementation of training. The students will be able to spread knowledge and skills acquired abroad among classmates and other students of the school. We would like to implement this project, since it would enable us to fulfil one of our school’s visions, which is to offer students the possibility of additional education beyond the borders of their homeland. At the same time we would be able to maintain the continuity of international cooperation and open up a new dimension of international cooperation. Due to the positive experience in the international cooperation, we know that this is the thing that brings added value to teachers and students. This added value consists of new knowledge, experience and insight in different approaches. As a school that follows the trends, we are aware that the chalk and talk method are outdated. The project will take two years. 15 students and 2 escorting teachers will have a chance to go on training abroad each year. These 15 students will consist of 6 students of 2nd and 3rd year of Hospitality and Gastronomy, and 9 Nursing students in their 3rd or 4th year. The time limit of the training is 4 weeks. Escorting teachers will change places every 2 weeks. The implementation of the project will take place in 2015 and 2016 between August 1 and December 1. Students will gain formal and informal knowledge and upgrade their present knowledge with theoretical and practical experience related to working abroad. They will improve the professional and linguistic competence and social skills. They will add precious experience to their personal development and they will also work on their independence. After the training they will be able to use newly acquired contacts for expansion of their social and professional network and references. This will come handy when looking for a job. SSZ works closely with the employers at the regional level. Training experience will also be transmitted to our regional employers and thus to the region. The project will be presented to other two Secondary Schools in Zasavje region and to future students on school open days. National level presentation will involve the presentation to the Chamber of Nurses and the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce. We will resort to the dissemination through modern technology. The group of participating students will be formed on the social network. The information will be posted on a school’s website under the tab International Projects. We will also use school newspaper. We will send articles or posts to Zasavje online news, a weekly newspaper Zasavski and Šolski razgledi (as an example of good practice). We will invitea journalist who writes for the newspaper Delo and present international cooperation to her and others with her help. By working on this project the school will acquire a new dimension, upgrade the scope and implementation of international collaborations and offer its future students a new way of vocational training.
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