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Plenos juveniles transnacionales para la involucración de los jóvenes en la toma de decisiones políticas sobre regeneración urbana
Start date: Oct 10, 2016, End date: Aug 9, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"Transforming your city" is a project that encourages young people to engage in the process of reflection and decision-making on the regeneration of degraded urban areas. The city must be understood as a constantly changing organism, where citizenship is the protagonist of its evolution, especially the young people, who are ultimately the direct heirs of all that legacy.The purpose of this project goes well to unite a representation of youth and local political authorities of several European countries to jointly develop and propose actions about regeneration of urban spaces and their subsequent management models in a global framework for discussion on the city and the needs of the youth group to which could be answered in such spaces (cultural expression, artistic, political, etc.).The specific objectives of the project are therefore:• Raising the level of youth participation in decision-making processes of local governments of participating partners. .• Subscribe a formal agreement with local authorities on decisions taken with the young participants and experts in the field of regeneration of degraded urban areas.• Closer ties with the youth group of other European countries on issues of common interest.• Sharing knowledge and experiences and build new lines of work spaces and through active participation of young people.The project will be formed by five organizations from different countries in Europe: Czech Republic Town Hall ( Municipality of Prague 9) ; a municipality in Romania ( Alba Iuglia ) , the Foundation Institute for Regional Cooperation of Antoniow (Poland), the town hall of Soria ( Spain ) and the Municipality of Torres Vedras (Portugal ). All partners agree on the need to sustainably regenerate disused spaces in their cities by involving this decision to the young people : a project designed by and for young people.The total number of project participants is 75, who respond to profiles :-responsible of political decision-making of each participating region .- Experts in youth and specific areas relating to the project ( urban planning, sustainability , culture, art ) .- Young people between 18 and 30 years of participating countries.the project TRANSFORMING YOUR CITY will be divided into 3 main stages:* START LINE: Transnational meeting "TRANSFORMING YOUR CITY: battery work patterns and ideas for urban regeneration". The first activity is a transnational meeting to be held in Prague and attended by participants from the five territories involved and the theme will focus on the establishment of guidelines, methodologies and tools for the study of potential urban spaces intervened in each territory and identify opportunities and challenges of youth participation in local democratic and artistic / cultural life.Methodology.The transnational meeting will be a space for discussion and exchange of experiences, contributions and methodological points of view to obtaining conclusions that can serve as a basis for regulating the operation and define the contents of the later "youth plenaries".Second stage: DIALOGUE AND TRANSNATIONAL CONSENSUS: TRANSNATIONAL YOUTH PLENARIES ON URBAN REGENERATION SPACES FOR YOUNG PARTICIPATION IN SOCIETY. YOUTH CONTRIBUTIONS FOR CITIES ON THE MOVE.This second phase of the project is holding meetings that will be called "youth plenary sessions on urban spaces regeneration for youth participation in society." This activity will take place in the five partner countries: Spain, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania and Portugal, so that each territory work on its own particulars: their degraded spaces, local youth needs, experiences of previous youth initiatives of democratic participation in the territory, etc. Through debates and talks the conclusions reached will be matched in a document drawn.THIRD PHASE: STEP TO ACTION AND COMMITMENTS. TRANSNATIONAL MEETING FOR SHARING SELECTED PROJECTS AND ESTABLISHING STRATEGIES FOR LOCAL COMMITMENT Logar.After completion of the Youth Plenaries a final transnational meeting will be held on with the aim of drafting the final document "Urban regeneration projects battery in the participating territories for creating spaces for cultural expression and democratic youth participation". In addition, a national meeting will be held in Soria which purpose will be to secure the commitment of local authorities to include the proposals in their government plans. The project will encourage the exchange of good practices and cooperation between policy makers and young people so that they achieve influence and participate in the political decision-making , which generates their empowerment in civilian life .

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